(same) Man bites Pat Kenny

http://sluggerotoole.com/index.php/weblog/comments/man-bites-union/Following on from Jack O’Connor of SIPTU last week –

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    He’s some boy.

  • Mick Fealty

    It shows how screwed the format is. It both invites and can’t cope with narrative breakers. The age of deference is certainly dead.

    Does anyone know who the guy is?

  • I’m amazed that RTE kept a mic on him. The sound quality was excellent.

  • Mick Fealty

    Just watched the second video. Cheap cut from Jack who being on €125,000 would have to pay his own supertax too presumably.

  • Mick, that’s the clincher for Jack. If he had the decency to say “top earners like me” then I think more people would hear him out. Instead he talks about working people (who are those who aren’t working people exactly, it’s the sort of dog whistle thing we’d be screaming about if the Tories were doing over the water) as if he was one of those down the mines every other day. He has an office job like many of those he represents and he did well during the Celtic Tiger years (as did many people) and at no point did he nor his members make higher taxes for the top earners or reform of the public service to ensure delivery of services to the public as a make or break condition of any agreement in social partnership. Instead, it was where are our tax reductions and how much more do our members get and to hell with everyone else.

    And in the Irish Times on Saturday he came out with this revealing comment. “My mother used to aspire to my getting a better job than my father had, a job which didn’t involve as much physical labour and as much exposure to the elements. That was her aspiration. I suppose I might have succeeded in getting such a job but I don’t know . . .” you don’t know Jack? You have that sort of job, Jack, you have it.


  • googoogaga

    Is the heckler the same fellow that “attacked” Begg at that demo?

  • Mack

    Think so, the voice is certainly very similar and they look alike..


  • Mack

    Daniel – There were two moments that killed him stoned dead last week – here is the other one..

    Just in conversations since, they’ve completely lost the argument outside of their own core base…

  • Was this the whole “we can cut the budget without reducing what people get in pay or the numbers of people” by some other magic beans means moment?

    There was an element of “Balancing the budget, boy, I don’t know” to it right enough. You can see the West Wing version below.

  • susan

    The heckler’s been identified as Alan O’Brien. He claims the security staff congratulated him on the way out.

    I’m inclined to believe him on that.


  • Only Asking

    Ouch! I kept egging him on as I was watching that. For some reason it stirs people on when they see an ordinary bloke go at it like that in public. I wonder when the men in white coats will be arriving at his front door..?

  • http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/breaking/2009/1110/breaking51.htm

    It is not the first time that Mr O’Brien, who has a long history of psychiatric illness, has disrupted a public event.

    Wonder how the IT came by that tidbit.

  • smcgiff

    ‘who has a long history of psychiatric illness,’

    Think he also heckled Dawkins recently, although, some from these here parts might think him sane on that issue*

    * not me

  • Boring Pat

    Smiff, Nuts or not, the guy had a point. The world does not need Pat Kenny and his inflated salary and ego. He can’t even handle a bit of turbulence.

  • mister horse

    Fucking brilliant

  • Erasmus

    An extended interview with A.O’B:

  • Comrade Stalin

    Sounds like he should join the TUV.

  • Comrade, I’d have thought that the Alliance Party is more in need of someone who’s prepared to challenge the ‘fat cats’ and the political hypocrites 😉