“we are making further enquiries as to where the remains may be located”

The Irish News reported yesterday, picked up by the BBC, that the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims Remains have confirmed that they are investigating a new case where it is suspected that the Provisional IRA abducted, murdered, and secretly buried someone – the 1973 disappearance of a 21 year old from St James Road, west Belfast. The missing man, Peter Wilson, was described as a vulnerable person with learning difficulties. According to the Commission’s list it would be the 15th such case between 1972 and 1985, all but one of which is believed to have been carried out by the PIRA. As previously noted, the NI Assembly have debated those “human rights violation[s]” for which limited immunity was sought, and granted, during The Process™. In the Belfast Telegraph, Brian Rowan recounts being read a list in 1999 of “[10] people executed and buried by Oglaigh na hEireann”. But if “There’s no political reason to keep lying”?

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  • Seymour Major


    If you put your last question the other way around ….”But if there’s no political reason to tell the truth?” ….you might get a better clue as to why a lot of the truth is not been much more forthcoming.

  • Gerry Mander

    Is there no way Adams ansd his groupies can be shipped off to stand trial at The Hague? And to be convicted. After due process, of course.

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    now come on lads, gerry wasn;t in the Ra!! how is he gonna help with these matters!

  • Paul McMahon

    So, a 21 year old Belfast man walks into a British Army base in West Belfast in what was one of the worst years of the conflict and is allowed to stay

    “to experience Army life at first hand before making any firm decision”?

    Before going back to his home?

    While in all likelihood the IRA probably murdered this poor unfortunate I’d say that it was 50/50 regarding which group was more cynical with his young life.

  • labourNIman

    Ah, got to love northern ireland – the only people who have any rights are the scum who commit the crimes.

  • Padraig

    Yes and I see the scum who committed a lot of the crimes are getting another £20 million gift this week.

  • joeCanuck

    Rubbish; they were murdered.

  • paddy

    ian brady is still in jail cause he wont give the bodies up this is more lies by sf how many more people were secretly murdered how long is it going to continue n robbo going to let them control pj ffs would gordon brown let ian brady be in charge of policing in england

  • Pete Baker


    Probably, but I was using a quote.


    “While in all likelihood the IRA probably murdered this poor unfortunate..”

    That would be abducted, murdered, and secretly buried. And, Sssh! Don’t tell anyone.


    It’s a quote from a statement by “P O’Neill”.

    As for the one-liners.


    If you don’t have anything to contribute to the discussion..

  • Don’t be so stroppy Pete,

    While in all likelihood the IRA probably murdered this poor unfortunate I’d say that it was 50/50 regarding which group was more cynical with his young life.

    You weren’t concentrating and as a result missed the previous “murder” and “sans” the obilgatory Republican moral relativism it’s obvious to me that little word still symbolises “progress”.

  • Pete Baker


    You haven’t heard, or read, me being stroppy yet.

    And certainly not about something intended to threaten anyone who doesn’t “obey the communal imperative”.

  • joeCanuck

    Please try a bit of punctuation; your posts are hard to read.
    If you have a genuine learning disability, think in sentences. Where you would pause, put a period/full stop.


  • joeCanuck

    I know, Pete. Just challenging P.O’Neill’s narrative in case he’s still lurking around.

  • Intelligence Insider

    If an organisation or country that said they were at war committed that crime they are guilty of a war crime. I’m sure that all supporters of Amnesty International will be seeking to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice, giving evidence to the police and making sure they have no hiding place.

  • Ian B

    What about Ian Brady as president of Sinn Fein?

  • Jimmy Sands

    This sudden recollection wouldn’t be prompted by some forthcoming publication by any chance?

  • susan

    Henry McDonald is reporting that Brendan Hughes’ interviews that he gave on the condition they not be released until after his death will provide info on a new, previously undisclosed member of the “Disappeared.” Was Hughes referring to Peter Wilson?

    Pete, the question Paul McMahon asks also bothers me. The claim is that the Royal Green Jackets took a “vulnerable person with learning difficulties” in for several days when he showed up on their doorstep to see if Army life suited him.

    Did his family at the time know where he was, and why? Was there concern about what might happen to him when he returned to West Belfast after several days in the barracks? How extensive were his learning disabilities? Would they have affected his ability to serve had he enlisted?

    Is it possible to ask these questions in this thread without presumptions being made about my motives in asking them? Is it possible to ask the question because the answers may be relevant to Peter Wilson’s family’s need for answers?

    The Irish News reported that the highest ranking member of the IRA at the time of Wilson’s disappearance is no longer a member of SF, or PIRA. (Thank you, Nuzhound, for the link) I don’t know who they are referring to, but it does make me wonder further about the timing of the revelation. Is the high ranking member suspected of dissident activity now?

  • paddy

    could brendan hughes be fessing up adams role in mrs mc connvilles murder

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy Collins

    Hi Susan, I agree with you that the timing with Brenden Hughes book coming out is very curious.

  • Pete Baker


    Questions about Peter Wilson’s movements prior to his apparent abduction, murder, and secret burial are valid. As are questions about his contact with family and others at the time.

    But, that’s not what Paul was doing.

    According to one report I read, but which I can’t locate at the minute, Peter Wilson regularly engaged in conversation with soldiers on patrol – which might suggest that they would know him.

    That would put any visit by him to the barracks in a different context than that suggested by Paul.

    In short, speculation on the motivation of the actions of those not responsible for his apparent abduction, murder and secret burial is, at best, a distraction.

    As for The Observer report. It follows this news, not precedes it. And with an anonymous source. So let’s wait for the memoir itself.

  • picador


  • Gerry Mander

    The IRA put great store on the graves of the Fenian dead. Yet they cynically refused a “Christian burial” those harmless buffoons that fell foul of them. The Disappeared put Sinn Fein and the IRA in the same league as the worst military juntas.

    I would like to see the Republican Plot in Glasnevin and other places dug up and the bones of IRA members there removed, incinerated and flushed down a toilet on the Shankill Road. Biffo should so the right thing. The plumbers of the Shankill will thank him for it and we can all get a laguh at stuttering Gerry Adams waffle about it on TV.

  • susan

    Gerry, it may ease your burden to know there are more ennobling ways for an army to say “we got it wrong,” and make what amends it can to a victim’s survivors then digging up their dead and desecrating their bones.

    Take, for example, the British “Shot at Dawn” memorial — a statue of a blind-folded seventeen year old, and markers for every English, Irish and Commonwealth soldier executed for “desertion” during the First World War. The statue is modelled after an actual seventeen year old who lied about his age in order to fight for his country, then was shot for leaving his post to visit a comrade who had just lost a brother. Those shot at dawn had to be shot by men from their own unit, and if any of their comrades refused to participate in the execution, they too were shot at dawn.


    Pete, my questions about Peter Wilson’s four days in the barracks came from your link in the Belfast Telegraph, not from Paul McMahan’s post. Today Brian Rowan quotes a senior source apparently long known to him saying PIRA is denying responsibility, and on the 31st the Irish News ran a piece that seemed fairly certain the man responsible for abucting, murdering and secretly burying Peter Wilson was PIRA, but has now left SF and PIRA.

    Questions about possible motives, or lack thereof, aren’t a distraction. The more far-ranging questions, the better at this stage. I am wondering what news reports — or “Dogs on the street” rumours at the time — 36 years ago made of Peter Wilson’s disappearance.

    At this point, I can only take everything I read at face value. I really am concerned about Peter Wilson’s family’s state of mind at this point. IPIRA took responsibility for the death of Jean McConville, a mother of ten, and Eoin Morley, Columba McVeigh, etc.

    Someone somewhere must know what happened to Peter WIlson, and why.