Gerry Kelly claims Peter Robinson got twenty million pounds for former part-time police officers…

Gerry Kelly claims Gordon Brown slipped twenty million pounds to Peter Robinson for former part-time police officers. Shock horror! Another side deal involving government ? Surely not! Who was at the negotiating table? What has been going on?

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  • BonarLaw

    The joke is that even though this phase of the process has exposed the Shinners for the Muppets they are the SDLP still can’t land a glove…

  • slug

    The SDLP Alex Attwood is always going on about DUP walking over SF. I guess the SDLP’s problem is that their swing voters doubt if SDLP would do any better.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    the other ‘muppets’ (as you like to describe them) in the equation are less fortunate having lost a quarter of their vote to the TUV – of course another explanation to explain your confusion is that are just simply misreading what is actually going on.

  • BonarLaw


    given your deliberate misrepresentation of what is actually going on I take your 1254 with a pinch of salt.

    Although if you are now suggesting that a key Sinn Fein demand was a proper recognition of the service of the PTR then I’ll be happy to retract.

    BTW are Sinn Fein lobbying for a retention of the FTR? You better start spinning that one now…

  • fin

    oh thats a bugger, I’m sure SF were hoping to win the votes of those ex-RUC members.

    If its true, I imagine the UUP will be more annoyed at potential voters been bought by the DUP.

    I get the feeling that Peter is busy polishing that turd to make it look sellable to unionism. But are 1,000,000 unionists really going to be bothered about payoffs for ex-RUCers, weapons for ex-RUCers and continued employment for ex-RUCers in the FTR.

    The DUP seem to be focusing on ‘special interest’ groups ex-RUC, the OO, Loyalist Bands etc, the kinda people who would be likely to go to the TUV.

    Its an opportunity for the UUP to go after the other 950,000 unionists who aren’t going to benefit from the DUP shopping list.

    It would be a real bugger if the UUP assist the SDLP in getting the Justice role and Robbo ends up a Lundy (a generous Lundy) afterall.

  • BonarLaw


    have you seen sight of a definitive “shopping list”? I suspect not, so let’s not write off confidence building measures for the 950,000 who you are so concerned about.

    BTW the SDLP will not be getting any Justice role which may arise at Stormont.

  • “Who was at the negotiating table?”

    I dare say there’s always been more than one such table, Eamonn 😉

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    though you may well have been proud of your line ” this phase of the process has exposed the Shinners for the Muppets “, I’m afraid it’s just a simple bit of ideological name calling and may well have been a cut and past job from some other less than savoury site you may have been frequenting where that type of stuff passes for analytical debate – though you to be fair to you you might have had to change the word Shinners.

    Any thoughts yet on why those DUP’s votes did a runner and SF’s didnt – at what point do you change your view to tie in with the facts?

  • fin

    BonarLaw, surely its confidence building measures that should have commas around it and not shopping list, or are you saying Trevor has more confidence in P&J when he’s got a gold plated Giro in his pocket.

    I respect your confidence on the P&J job, but I don’t believe the obese girl has started singing just yet.

  • BonarLaw


    I hope you are not referring to a potential candidate for any job!


    fact 1- no date for P&J devolution
    fact 2- devolution will be on DUP, not SF, terms
    fact 3- no SF input to justice if it is devolved
    fact 4- SF project stalled in RoI
    fact 5- SF floundering as DUP extract from HMG

    more required?

  • ulsterfan

    Is GK complaining about the payment.
    Did he ask for it and did not succeeed?
    My only concern is if the amount is enough.
    These men deserve the best.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    I was aking you if you could explain why a quarter of the Unionist Irish in the Northern Irish Territories, who had previously voted for the DUP had decided to go elsewhere, since they signed the STA.

    You have now furnished me with a (self-serving) ideological list of DUP accomplishments which would seem to make your explantion task somewhat more difficult for yourself.

    As you know, I am not a fan of the M word, but occasionally it can seem appropriate.

  • ulsterfan

    Who are the Unionist Irish you describe.
    Are these the same people I describe as British citizens who live in this part of the United Kingdom and is known as Northern Ireland.
    On second thought please don’t reply as we are fed up with this debate!!!

  • random_quotes


    The special interest groups you list who would be the “kinda people who would be likely to go to the TUV”…Loyalist bands, the Orange Order and then the RUC!? From where exactly are you pulling that prize nugget of information?

  • Sean

    I think the telling point on this is that it was released by SF and not the DUPers

    Can you say negative presure anyone?

    I mean how long can the poor hard done by sods live with out this money till p+j are devolved

  • fionn

    “Are these the same people I describe as British citizens who live in this part of the United Kingdom and is known as Northern Ireland.”

    Always found that argument odd. I live in China and have on many occasions met people born in Hong Kong, raised in Hong Kong, educated in Hong Kong, insistent that they are English (that’s right, not ‘British’ but ‘English!). Very dismissive of the people they would describe as ‘local’ (or usually worse), totally aloof and separate from the culture of the country of their birth, and indeed of most of their lives.

    Sort of “If I wish it hard enough, it will be true”

    Always found it odd ..

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    Hong Kong is similar to the Irish Northern Territories in that in both cases the future ‘constitution’ of the zone whilst under British control laid out it’s future with reference to a ‘foreign’ country (e.g the GFA) and of course Chris Patten helped both sets of locals adjust to the changing political circumstances.

    Regarding the Police, in spite of their poor reputation and their abolition by the British, the RUC undoubtedly contained many brave Irish men and women (as there was on the other side) and extra money should not begrudged. Obviously good work by the DUP in squeezing even more money out of the Englezes.

  • igor

    SF – the monkey on the DUP’s stick – and its a pointy stick and Peter keeps twiddling it.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    I dont think any of should begudge Peter a few minor victories – it has been a very difficult period for him and I have to say I’m warming to the way he keeps gettting the Englezes to cough up.

  • BonarLaw


    “Unionist Irish in the Northern Irish Territories”

    As opposed to contentedly British in their part of the UK.

    Best guess for P&J devolution, Sammy?

    Any sense of what pain awaits SF as this debate onfolds?

    Given the depth of your insight, the sagacity of your commentary could you enlighten us where SF go now the before christmas target we are takling about for devolution is 2010 not 2009?

  • ulsterfan


    Gerry was telling the Ard Feis in Jan 2007 that devolution of P&J would be in place by May of that year.
    You are very patient.
    A few weeks ago I mentioned there was a long road to go and there were a few twists and turns to make.
    We have come to one but keep looking ahead to see what is around the next corner.
    It will come as a surprise and one day Sf will stand at a cross roads not knowing where to go and every one will know they are lost.

  • Cahal

    “But are 1,000,000 unionists really going to be bothered about payoffs for ex-RUCers”

    Easy on, there aren’t 1,000,000 unionists.

  • Intelligence Insider

    You’re quite right. There are a lot more.

  • elvisparker

    The joke about this is that Sinn Fein agreed to this side deal with Brown. Their anger is completely for ‘the optics’.
    Even funnier is that it helps the DUP – but dont suppose SF mind that LOL
    If anyone doubted that there is a DUP/SF carve up they must now have those doubts removed

  • Comrade Stalin

    elvis, that sounds bizarre but on reflection you’re probably right.

    The unionists are obviously sticking the arm in. I see no harm in the thing about the police reservists, although the Parades Commission stuff is more dangerous.

  • Mack

    The DUP are proving that the are working on behalf of all the Unionist people in Northern Ireland. I am waiting for Jim a to issue a statement to condemn this fund as he only issues statements to attack the DUP and has done nothing to negotiate for anything for the unionist people. Well done Peter for gaining this fund for part time reserves that the UUP did nothing for only ensure that they would lose their jobs through their patten negotiations.

  • Intelligence Insider

    Maybe you should try reading it again. The UUP have been absolutely to the forefront of supporting the P/T RUC Reserve G.C., in fact one of their councillors is the chairman of the welfare group and it was another UUP Assembly Member who first brought the matter before the Assembly.
    R.U.C.G.C. and ex-service members will not forget how they were abandoned and lied to by the D.U.P. in their attempt to gain power. Nor will we ever forgive the D.U.P. for trying to blackmail Unionist voters into supporting them by making it possible for a terrorist to be First Minister of our country.