DUP entering election mode

Peter Robinson & Diane Dodds addressed DUP party members, supporters and Euro electioneers on Monday night at a buffet in Corrick House just outside Augher, County Tyrone. In his address ( passable mobile phone audio here ), Peter Robinson addressed several points:

1) That double jobbing will be phased out over the next two elections ,as the Assembly beds down and as Assembly members gain experience requiring less assistance from experienced MP`s. Anyone with a dual mandate in the meantime will only receive one salary. Robinson took the time to attack William Hague`s hypocrisy on this issue when most of the Tory party backbenches hold company directorships and other careers alongside their Westminster duties. He also highlighted Reg Empey`s double mandate!

2) Ongoing grassroots consultation and party streamlining, including a new format to the annual conference – which will be taking place on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st November 2009! This will effectively be the launch of the Westminster election campaign.

3) A new policy document will be delivered to members, which will also be distributed across the Province in sections over a period of time with an emphasis on door to door delivery. This document will answer DUP criticisms and it will show that the DUP is the only Unionist party with a strategy to reach a Unionist ideal position. ( Presumably this is an inference to a qualified majority Assembly with a voluntary coalition and an official opposition )

4) The DUP will devolve Policing & Justice on DUP terms.

5) The DUP will unashamedly extract as many sidedeals as it can to the benefit of the people of Northern Ireland and Unionism.

6) On Unionist unity in Fermanagh and South Belfast – the DUP as the party with the most votes in both constituencies continues to offer a pact to the UUP.

Diane Dodds also announced the launch of her new website.

A collection was made at the end of the night for David Simpsons Help Our Heroes sponsored walk.

  • iluvni

    Anyone else have the misfortune of listening to the worse than woeful Iris Robinson on BBC Parliament tonight during the Parades debate in the Commons.
    I’d say the DUP would be best served hiding her away as much as possible.

  • frustrated democrat

    I think she should be worried about her Strangford Westminster seat.

    A combination of the TUV, a strong CU candidate, expenses, homophobia and other problems should make this an interesting contest as it is rumoured that the CU’s won it in the EU’s.

  • Sam Flanagan

    I have sent the following comment to Nelson`s website. Isn`t great you can communicate with a VIP directly, no waiting for an appointment, no secretary on the phone fobbing you off with the old line, “I am sorry he is in a meeting!”

    Nelson, I have been reading the Lundy party will be conjuring up a pack of lies and calling it a “policy document” with the intention of having it delivered on a door to door basis. Please make sure no literature from Lundyism comes to my door and please make sure no Lundy party member calls either.

    You will not have worry about “double-jobbing” in N.Belfast after the next election because Nigel Lundy will be loosing his seat.
    I also notice you have not made your position clear regarding the proposed Antichrist visit. Use your website to do it, you know Punt will do nothing about it. I see very few people turned up for the “shared space” meeting in Duncairn community center yesterday! I wonder why that is?

    I do enjoy your articles on hymns and hymnwriters. Do you know the one “Glorious things of thee are spoken Zion city of out God.” Which goes to the tune of Deutchland Deutchland Uber ales?
    It is probably a favourite of the Bavarian Orange Lodge.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    A difficult time for Robbo and he has done a good job holding the line whilst under fire since the Euros – just wonder what his private polling is telling him about whether the TUV have peaked and how damaging they would be, particulalry in Assembly elections.

  • Sam Thompson

    i’m no DUP fan, but im pretty convinced that the vote in the EU election went to Allister on his personal credentials as an MEP, and his ability to make a weak DUP candidate look even weaker helped. i can’t honestly see a massive chunk of DUP votes going the way of TUV, apart from north Antrim where Allister stands, because they are simply a one man band, fuelling Allister’s ego, and have yet to state workable strategy to achieve their aims… unless he has had secret channels to the three governments, the moderate nationalist community, and the SDLP, and we are yet to know about it. somehow, i think not, and this will be borne out in a much reduced TUV vote in westminster elections, and possibly 2 or 3 max. seats in the 2011 assembly elections. might be enough to take the south antrim westminster seat away from the DUP to the CU’s though

  • andrew white

    as it is rumoured that the CU’s won it in the EU’s.
    Posted by frustrated democrat on Oct 27, 2009 @ 11:03 PM

    given the UUP managed just over 16% on first pref votes, if they did exceptionally well in Strangford that means the vote in the rest of the province would be much lower than this and doesnt bode well.

    Iris will be safe as houses in strangford especailly on first past the post.

  • frustrated democrat


    The rumours also include another 4 first places for the CU’s with TUV well ahead in North Antrim, that leaves the DUP in 5.

    Roughly fits with the EU poll

  • Turgon

    frustrated democrat,
    I do not have the figures but I would not completely discount the TUV in East Londonderry if they have a good candidate. I suspect the double jobbing, expenses etc. may come back again at Westminster election time and any party which can present fresh credible (and I stress credible) faces might do quite well.

    East Londonderry is not natural Conservative territory. In many ways it mirrors North Antrim with lots of dour Presbyterians and in addition has a very strong Orange Order especially in the rural areas outside the Triangle.

    The local UUP types are fairly poor with no major names. The former UUP MP Willie Ross was arguably the hardest line unionist in Northern Ireland on constitutional terms.

    Gregory Campbell though a hard working MP is from Londonderry itself and is still heavily involved in council etc. politics there which may count a little against him: all politics is local and all that.

    If the TUV have the right person, preferably a local it could be very interesting.

    A similar set of circumstances could also apply in East Antrim. Again they would need a good preferably local candidate but again Sammy Wilson is from Belfast and the other potential problems for the DUP also apply.

  • “The former UUP MP Willie Ross”

    Isn’t he the current TUV President, Turgon?

  • Turgon

    Yes indeed and a bit of a political mentor to some of us.

  • noel adams

    Votes in the commons 11 April97 to14 May2001
    tota.l273 number the Honerable member for E
    Belfast took part in 172 A part timer if
    ever I saw one

  • wrinklie jane

    Have they really entered election mode? Or is it just a load of ridiculous rhetoric convinving themselves alone that there will be no punishment for deceiving ulster

  • Bigger Picture

    God i have missed this site! I have been on hiatus for the past couple of months and it is a joy to be back.

    How i have missed the cries of Lundy, sell out and party hack ringing in my ears at the meer suggestion that i may rally to a party which has done more for unionists in Northern Ireland than the failed policies of David Trimble’s UUP and Jim “i left for one reason, now i campaign on another” Allister, put together. Oooo i have missed you Turgon, and Sammy McNally, and Pete Baker, and yes..even you Sam Flanagan, my nights have been distintcly lacking in comedic value.

    Anyway, TURGON! Good to see you still blogging away and humbly supporting the TUV but if Willie Ross isn’t to stand in East Londonderry what other dour (Free) Presbyterian will? I heard a party staffer was interested because he couldn’t stand in his own for strategic reasons. I’m keen to find out the behind the scenes personalities in the TUV, so please enlighten me.

    Also i’d be grateful if you could inform me of who the East Antrim candidate would be. The sound of a local candidate will send a Cllr M**** into ill-fetered hopes of high prestigiality by gaining a Westminster seat.


    Would you like to present some more up to date figures? The fact that you are clutching at figures from 12 years ago suggests that that is th best you could have come up with.

    Sam “The Beast” Flanagan

    So Lundy Dodds loses his seat to er… Gerry Kelly. Some unionist you are.

  • Turgon

    Bigger Picture,

    Excellent to see you back. I hope this is not a fleeting visit.


  • Bigger Picture


    Thank you for your warm words of welcome.

    I do however fear that you have been getting an easy ride of late. So come on let’s have some names i want to know who these local TUV candidates will be that i may have a chance to vote for.

  • borderline

    As an Irish Nationalist I am worried about the demise of the DUP and the rise of the much stronger TUV.

    We have had such a laugh twisting Punt, Poots, Ian Óg and the boys around our fingers. Local Shinners tell us the meeting is only halfway through and everyone breaks into Eileen Mavourneen and starts jigging a Kerry hornpipe.

    But if that tough Nicholson gets it we’d know the shillelagh stuff would have to stop.

    May Jesus and his sweet merciful mother stop the good Protestant people from voting for the TUV, or we’ll all have to scuttle away to Dundalk.

  • oisineire


    Cubitt to stand in East Derry?? I’m sure a fresh face like his would really captivate the Unionist electorate’s imagination. 😉