Magners League Weekend 6

Cardiff Blues 20 – 12 Ospreys
Ulster 16 – 14 Leinster
Edinburgh 12 – 7 Munster
Glasgow 34 – 20 Connacht
Scarlets 18 – 3 Newport-Gwent D’gons

Table below: Ulster on top – what’s that all about?
1 Ulster 6 @ 19
2 Leinster 6 @ 18
3 Edinburgh 6 @ 18
4 Glasgow 6 @ 17
5 Ospreys 6 @ 15
6 Munster 6 @ 14
7 Newport-Gwent D’gons 6@ 13
8 Scarlets 6 @ 10
9 Cardiff Blues 6 @ 10
10 Connacht 6 @ 5

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    Just back from a blustery Ravenhill. Conditions prevented a free-flowing game but it gave the packs an oppertunity to have a good blast at eachother.
    Ulster played out of their skin in the 1st half againt what seemed to be a gale at times. Unlucky not to go in with a lead at the interval but at 3-7; it was advantage Ulster at half time.
    Perhaps we didn;t use the wind to our best advantage in the second 40 but once we took the lead with an excellent individual try from boss is was pretty much game over. A nice consolation try from fitzgerald at the death but too little too late :).

    Why are we top of the league?
    New coach, new tactics and a wealth of young players coming through the ranks. Willie Faloon was plaving division 2 rugby in the all-ireland last season and he’s now one of the outstanding 7’s in the Magners league – sums it all up really.

    Watched most of the munster game last night – they looked very laboured against a very physical embra side. That said, once they start to click they’ll be unstoppable!! Just hope they don;t start to click next week at thomand park V Ulster :(.
    ps I’ll try and post a link to the highlights when available 🙂

  • parallaxCo

    Great win, its all heating up, Thormond will be a fun one to watch.

  • Dewi

    Went to Blues Ospreys – Ospreys like the Keystone blasted Cops…pathetic.

  • I was at Edinburgh-Munster last night. Munster aren’t the side they used to be (though they still commit as many penalties – that they don’t get pinged for).

    Was at Edin-Ulster the week before – your boys look pretty decent. Narrow win for Edinburgh. Think the Magners will be ridiculously tight this year – everyone can beat everyone else.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Mc Geechan has suggested it will take the Lions players a while to getr back in their stride – for Munster and Leinster I hope that is the cause of their indifferent starts.

    For Ulster it is great that so many young players are coming through it would do Irish rugby no harm if the balance of power shifted Northwards but only after I have collected my winnings from this years HC.

    The Welsh public dont seem to have taken to the HC based on half the empty grounds which seems very strange looking at the Irish experience and the Magners although becoming more interesting each season is still a bit of a training ground for the more important european stuff.

  • Dewi

    Very disappointing crowds in all competitions Sammy. Recession has hit pretty hard but Cardiff City are averaging 21 thousand odd, Strange.
    Magners is becoming more interesting each season.The league makes more sense when teams tend to play the same amount of games at around the same time…

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    Sorry, only got Isaac’s try and the extras from Humph so far.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Excellent try and conversion.

  • noel adams

    ULSTER92 Wales 30
    Dont panic this is not a rugby score its
    the number of press oficers each assembly employs looks like the press officer factory
    is in N.Ireland but we cant churn out
    outside haves.