Parsley Conservative Candidate for North Down, over to you Sylvia..

The BBC tells us that regular Slugger commenter Cllr Ian J Parsley, formerly of the Alliance Party, has been selected as the Conservative candidate for North Down. It will be up to the UUP/Conservative selection panel to decide whether he is their joint candidate in preference to the sitting MP for North Down, the independently minded Lady Sylvia Hermon – who has yet to declare her intentions. As the BBC report says

She now has several options:
• To change her mind about the electoral deal with the Conservatives and put herself forward as a candidate.
• To seek a special dispensation from the party leaderships which would allow her to stand for the UUP, outside of the pact.
• To walk away from the UUP and either stand as an independent or withdraw from politics entirely.

Only 1 and 3 are viable options, and 1 seems unlikely.