John O’Donoghue offers Fine Gael and Labour whips to go next week…

Alan Shatter has just told RTE’s Late Debate that the Ceann Comhairle John O’Donoghue has offered Fine Gael and Labour whips office to go next week… He is now following Sinn Fein’s call for JOD to resign… The detail of the expenses story is the killer… apparently… Detail brought to the wider world by Gavin and latterly Mark Coughlan and their good work at with follow-ups from… Is this Ireland’s first internet-driven political scalp?

UPDATE: JOD has issued a statement that he is going to go next week… Shatter saying he’s covering his options in case the Government falls next Tuesday… And further: By staying until next week he might avoid having to stand for re-election if the Greens pull out after their Convention on Nama on Saturday… Vincent Browne has his take up on

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