Supreme Court grants ACC’s appeal against High Court’s decision on Zoe’s second bite of cherry

An iol report notes the latest (and final?) twist in the long-running saga of the Liam Carroll controlled Zoe Group, which owes €1.2 billion, “The ruling clears the way for a liquidator to begin selling off the companies’ assets to allow ACC bank recoup €136m owed to it.” And the RTÉ report confirms

Chief Justice John Murray said the companies in their first examinership application had consciously and deliberately withheld from the court information which was available to them or could have been obtained by them. He said that although no bad faith was involved, in the circumstances the second bid for examinership was an abuse of process and the administration of justice.

Which was the view of the Senior Counsel for ACC at the time. It means no third bite at the cherry after all.

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  • jim

    It always surprises me that Baker takes such a keen interest in all-Ireland affairs

  • barnshee

    Its of interest to us all
    This should begin to put a floor on this whole mess-a forced sale will value the assets appropriately and that includes those in NI
    Can`t wait

  • DR

    does the Zoe Group hold much property in NI that is subject to this ruling?