Stomont Standoff – episode eight hundred and whatever

It’s like a really bad soap opera, the type that goes on forever with apparently the same plot. You can not watch it for a year and tune in knowing nothing much will have changed.

Martin McGuinness says he is trying and the DUP say they are committed to devolution. Yet SF went on a 150 day work to rule last year and now the DUP are briefing that people need more house training for government. Another war of words as the Executive backlog reportedly gets longer and longer.

I don’t know who to believe any more. What about you?

Do you believe this is a real crisis or is it a manufactured distraction?

What about the issue of community confidence. Do you believe as the DUP claim that there can be no devolution of policing and Justice until there is community confidence or is this just not an issue with ordinary unionists or nationalists?

And finally what about performance in government. Are the two big parties working for the people of this region tackling issues like the recession, sectarianism and education or are they looking out for themselves and themsleves alone?