“partitionist nonsense”

Apparently a group of Sinn Féin protesters, including Councillor Tomás Sharkey, took exception to the presence of out-going SDLP leader Mark Durkan, MP, MLA, at a boisterous press conference with Irish Labour Party leader, Eamon Gilmore, promoting a ‘Yes’ vote. From the Irish News report [subs] it would seem that Mark Durkan’s northernness was an issue.. but what does Tomás think of Gerry campaigning for a ‘No’ vote? From the Irish News [subs]

However, a Sinn Féin spokesman said councillors attended a press conference and “at such events questions are asked by those who attend”. “If Mark Durkan cannot field questions at a press conference he needs to speak to his press people, but the lack of answers to these pertinent questions is hardly surprising from a man who has ambitions of sitting in Westminster and nowhere else,” he said.

Even if they are “stupid” questions?And a quote from the SDLP statement

Mr Durkan said:”Sinn Fein, who has the wholehearted support of the UK Independence Party and the wilder Tory fringes, had the absolute gall to question my right to campaign in the referendum and showed their utter contempt for my right to free speech. Every Irish person has that right and such partitionist nonsense is rich indeed coming from a party which likes to parade its supposed all-Ireland credentials.

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  • [i]”If Mark Durkan cannot field questions at a press conference he needs to speak to his press people…”[/i]

    I love how Sinn Féin are trying to spin it as if they had just taken their seats normally at a regular press conference and asked questions. The DPP dissidents didn’t learn their tactics from nowhere. Thugs.

  • barnshee

    Bloody nordies sticking their neb in here feck off back…..er wait a minute

  • Mark McGreg

    The hijacking of press conferences, photo ops, posters etc has been a theme from nearly all parties throughout this campaign. Durkan and his 6 county party may be shocked and outraged but that is part and parcel of the political environment they decided to drop into for half an hour – maybe if they had been really involved in this issue they’d know just how nasty things have become.

    And they call others partitionist! Feckin joke

  • Patricia Derry

    Southerners have no time for bully boy tactics. I thought SF wanted to united Ireland not divide it. What a bunch of fascists.

    What will SF do if the people say yes on Friday. Blame the brits?

  • Arty Renny

    Where exactly is there a partitionist attitude in relation to invading the press conference except for Mark saying there was one? Talk about baseless news stories and thread titles.

  • jer

    The most memorable story about Mark Durkan in a year. Its a pity he or the SDLP were not responsible but hapless actors. Sums up the decade of durkan

  • ee joynt

    Interesting thread on p.ie about a flagging SF campaign
    photographic evidence too posted today


  • John O’Connell

    Yet more intimidation. It seems that if you don’t have an army you are fair game for the bully boys in Sinn Fein.

    How long do Sinn Fein voters really think that the rest of the country is going to put up with their thuggery?

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Better thuggery than industrial scale buggery. Eh, Con?

  • dunreavynomore

    Art Renny
    The partitionist angle comes from a Sinn Féin councillor, Mr Sharkey, saying that Durkan had no right interfering in a 26 cos referendum and I think he actually likened Durkan to UKIP coming from the uk (to back s.f’s stance)which verges on Myles na G comical. As I said in an earlier thread it is funny that crossing the border is the only thing S.F. could sling at the hapless Durkan.

  • Arty Renny

    @ dunreavynomore

    What did he say? I haven’t seen any quotes from Mr Sharkey apart from accusing Durkan of being more interested in Westminster. This is the spin that Durkan is putting on it.

  • dunreavynomore

    There are no quotes here from Sharkey; the only Sinn Féin quotes are from that well known mysterious ‘person?’ known far and wide as ‘a sinn fein spokesperson.’ There are quotes from Durkan as there are in the Irish News, Irish Times and other papers. I also saw how stupid the whole thing was on RTE last night and read about in on RTE text and still no quote from Sharkey the suddenly silent.

  • Dublin Exile

    Good that the southern electorate got to see the real face of Sinn Fein – the socialist mask slips and what you really get is ugly fascism! Sinn Fein may have given up murdering their political opponents but they still reserve the right to shout them down and deny them the right to engage in democracy. Thugs.

  • dunreavynomore

    In today’s Irish News Gerry Adams takes his councillor to task over this escapade which Adams said was worthy of teenagers but not elected councillors. Fair play to Adams, he has nothing to lose by standing against such crude tactics.