Labour loses the Sun, Robinson to stand again

As the Sun backs the Conservatives on the back of Gordon Brown’s speech, Peter Robinson tells UTV he may stand again for Parliament. During the summer he commented:

This is a necessary prelude to the ending of double jobbing. Several months ago I indicated that we would be phasing out dual mandates…….It is simply not possible to sustain and fully perform multiple roles whether they involve other elected positions or indeed interests outside Parliament.

What happened to the three year window?

  • Pete Baker


    The video’s here if you want it.

    Apparently, there’s a “strong argument” for holding a dual mandate “in the fledgling years of the Assembly”.

  • Dave

    Would give up your day job for an unsteady gig at Stormont?

  • Michael Shilliday

    But didn’t the DUP tell us they’re better than the UUP because the Assembly is stable?

  • Dave

    Would [b]you[/b], even.

  • exile

    Aa fantastic vote of confidence for Stormont. Says it all really. Must be odds on to collapse within the year.

  • DC

    It will keep that link there between the DUP and the Westminster sovereign government but I’ve a suspicion that it’s just to keep him out there where it matters, in the forefront of the campaigns. Helping him get noticed and, likely he hopes, to sustain his electoral strength. Bolstering his leadership credentials of the DUP.

    A mixture of vanity (in that he sees himself as worthy above others) and necessity (reluctant to let that exposure go and to be seen that he is still sought by the public and hopes to steady the ship after a bad Euro-polling).

    Of course if he suffers a bad election, things will be all the more difficult, but Reg is after all his main contender.

  • frustrated democrat

    Shows just how worried the DUP are Peter, Arlene, Jeffery, Nigel, Ian senior, how many more?

    The big guns trying to defend the DUP’s position against the TUV and the CU’s.

    They are right to be very concerned and the big guns may not save them.

  • DC

    Frustrated D,

    Money as a factor in part can’t be ruled out. Let’s face it, he is odds-on to keep his seat, now if you were odds on for a £60,000 a year job with office expenses that pay your family, would you really shrug and say: oh well, yeah I’m getting on with my go-slow job at Stormont?

    It’s bound to be in there as a strong reason that shapes that ‘strong argument’.

    He would be 60,000 a year down. The whole family and wife etc relies on the Robinson name to carry it through, less exposure has knock on effects elsewhere down the line – say future Stormont elections. He’s protecting his turf.

  • DC

    Also, so much for the DUP’s claim that it was always the party of devolution.

    ‘Committed devolutionist’

    Peter Robinson came under some pressure on this score from people attending a public meeting in east Belfast.

    He told the audience that he was a committed devolutionist, adding tellingly that he was perhaps too much of a devolutionist for some in his own party.

    Committed opportunist?

  • Padraig

    Snouts in the trough, more money to buy Carp for the fish pond

  • igor

    I wonder will Peter pick up on Gordon’s “Homes for Harlots” policy for us in Northern Ireland.

    Think of the endless fun they could have in the Executive debating the finer points:-

    * will there be seperate homes for Protestant and Catholic Harlots?
    * will dissident Republican harlots need a separate wing in their house?
    * will the Catholic Church be given a role in the Catholic harlotry Management?
    * will we pay the Harlots for not having sex again or even employ them as ‘community workers’ to try to stop other young harlots falling pregnant?
    * will Pregnancies be strictly limited to 9 months or will terms have to be negotiated for delivery when there is confidence in the wider community in the post birth situation
    * will the babies be delivered locally or with intervention from Dublin, London or even Washington?
    * if parenting classes are compulsory who will play Mummy and Daddy? will this be decided by d’Hondt, on a power sharing basis or by simple majority rule
    * who will pay?

  • Comrade Stalin

    The big guns trying to defend the DUP’s position against the TUV and the CU’s.

    Yeah, but why aren’t the CUs defending their position against the TUV ?

  • Frustrated Democrat


    We know you are fixated with the CU’s but in what way are they not defending themselves against the TUV.

    They have already said they will run in all 18 seats and they fully support the GFA (although would like to see improvements, who wouldn’t).

    Do you expect the CU’s to become fixated like you and spend their time defending themselves against the TUV, who will represent less than 10% of the electorate. A part of the electorate who are not likely to be CU voters in any event as the EU election proved.

    So what is to defend.

    Maybe you meant they should attack the TUV in the way you seem to find yourself inexorably drawn towards with regard to the CU’s.

  • ZoonPol


    Seems the politicos on the hill are slow to legislate but are quick to claim – Assembly MLAs’ expenses revealed. Explains why none of the DUP MLAs who are MPs want to sign the above.

  • elvis parker

    Apparently the DUP have done yet more polling and the results are very bad for DUP – hence let ‘hurt’ plea about expenses

  • Greenflag

    The timing of the Assembly’s collapse is now seen . It won’t be until Robinson is safely ensconced back at Westminster after the next election.

    And then it’ll be goodbye NI -a la Trimble . And SF will get to hold the First Minister’s job .

    Still can’t blame the man for hanging on to his public sector ‘jobs’. There’s not much else in Northern Ireland and probably unlikely to be until long after the FM’s ‘retirement ‘ from active politics and his elevation to ermine .

  • disinterested observer

    Why all the quiet on expenses?
    William McCrea claimed over £800 for a walnut desk!

    Alex Easton and Ian McCrea placed adverts at football grounds!! Isn’t McCrea Junior the President/Chairman of Coagh United An outrageous conflict of interest!

    Imagine the outcry of SF had placed ads at GAA grounds!

    On thread – it is apparent that the DUP think the public have forgotten their double jobbing and greed

  • DC

    Dis Obs,

    It sickens me it really does, it isn’t about executive collapsing it’s greed and status, power and wealth tend to go together.

    And the pleasure of being treated nicely and with respect around the Commons and Stormont by official servants – civil in nature. Not to mention the fact he wont have to eat at his own expense anywhere for about 5 years.

    The media let Arlene Foster off with rank hypocrisy when she re-stood for council elections despite legislating in the opposite direction re double-jobbing.

    But if they can’t see through this for what it is then we’re in dire straits in terms of pumping this poison out of the system.

    He’s only been MP for the last 30 years for goodness sake and he made comments to the contrary re double-jobbing; now he’s getting cold feet as Stormont has been a damp squib for Robinson. Not uplifting enough to capture the imagination, so he’s falling back and re-trenching on the old national “mother of all parliament” lines.

  • andrew white

    We know you are fixated with the CU’s but in what way are they not defending themselves against the TUV………..

    why do they need to defend themselves as they had an electoral pact with them in the Euro Election.

  • andrew white

    Of course if he suffers a bad election, things will be all the more difficult, but Reg is after all his main contender.
    Posted by DC on Sep 30, 2009 @ 12:27 AM……..

    not really seeing as reg was creamed by Naomi long in the assmebly elections

  • andrew white

    Why all the quiet on expenses?…….

    McGimpsey claimed £7,000 which he paid to the UUP as expenses!

  • ZoonPol

    Naomi long will be on the panal at tonight.

  • danielmoran

    ‘what happened to the three year window?
    you may well ask, mr. shilladay. i think peter the punt must have put his fist through it after diane dodds car crash euro election. he must be looking at the duppers private polling and thinking of going back to being an estate agent. naturally enough, since you don’t get the kind of sharks there as you get in the dup.
    i see that only hours after the sun blessed camreon with it’s support, he’s now backtracked on the promised referendum on europe. the maximum securirty wing of the tory party will be down on his head over this.

  • DC

    “Naomi long will be on the panal at tonight.”

    Could be a Long night 😉

  • Local Custom

    What happened to the three year window?

    Someone threw a stone through it?