Slugger Awards: Councillor of the Year?

Given there are 582 councillors in 26 councils in Northern Ireland, our problem here should be an embarrassment of riches. Local councillors are often the workhorses of democracy, often undertaking work with the minimum of resources. The majority of them working hard far beyond the metropolitan attention of the Belfast bubble.

And yet it is not yet clear what makes a good councillor. Under the current dispensation where councillors have only an advisory role with regard to planning, the practical fixer is clearly a popular role. But what else adds up to the best councillor YOU know? A thinker? A doer? A conciliator? A starter of fires? An independent curmudgeon who refuses to give any cosy consensus an easy ride?Let us know below. Be as expansive as you like, with specific examples of the kind of thing you consider to be best practice. With your nominations, please try to include:

1. A brief account of the qualities your candidate brings to her/his council duties.
2. The kinds of things s/he has achieved in the last 12 months.
3. What you believe are the critical qualities required by a local councillor.

You can make your nominations either below. Be as expansive as you wish, so we can make the best pitch possible to both the reader and judges panels who may not be as familiar as you with your favoured candidate.