TPA get stung again over inaccurate figures….

Lest Matt or any of the guys over at the Taxpayer’s Alliance think I have some kind of agenda, let me re-assure them I don’t. The topline of their previous ‘research’ that the Government was paying lobbyists to lobby government is, if true, important work. Particularly in Northern Ireland where the public sector employment steals much of the oxygen from the private sector.

That’s why it’s important that if you are going to have a punt at bursting that particular balloon, you do it accurately. It seems another of their FOI reports has come unstuck through another inaccuracy on the part, they claim, of one of their respondents

But instead of shooting to the messenger this time, perhaps they should look again either at their own methodology (a phone call to the target organisation might help seal any leaky gaps before, rather than after, publication?), or deliberately dampen expectations in the press about just how robustly their figures can be read…