“The CGI membership fee is $20,000 per calendar year..”

In noting the number of local politicians attending the Clinton Global Initiative [CGI] event in New York I did ask, “How many are fully paid-up members rather than there on a complimentary invitation?” Well, according to a Sinn Féin statement, Gerry Adams “is a member of the CGI”. You can see some more notable members on the CGI website. And here’s what the CGI website has to say about membership

CGI membership is a year-round activity tailored to the needs of today’s world leaders that allows them to expand and benefit from their new and current efforts to address pressing global problems. CGI offers its members unique opportunities to network and identify partners, gain practical insight, and be recognized on a world stage.

The CGI membership fee is $20,000 per calendar year, $19,000 of which is tax deductible. Contact our membership department to learn more.

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  • exile

    And this is relevant/informative/interesting because….

    Or does it simply further demonstrate how obsessed Baker is?

  • Laughing (Tory) Unionist

    Yeah, exile, Pete’s a real dud: meanwhile Gez (and bearing in mind that not a cent is ‘tax deductible’ here), do tell: did the comrades stump ya, or did you squeeze that out of the industral wage?

  • William

    I wonder did Guru Gerry’s $20k fee come from the Northern Bank robbery or the remaindered sales of his various books?

    And Gerry talking about economics in New York….I trust he’s improved on the subject since his TV performances in Dublin during the last election in the Republic !!!

  • Ulick

    “and bearing in mind that not a cent is ‘tax deductible’ here”

    But Cairde Sinn Féin (USA) is not based here and presumably would be able to deduct tax. I am surprised though that Trimble allowed someone to prize some of that Nobel money out of his wallet.

  • ulsterfan

    According to the site GA is now known as the Honourable Gerry Adams.
    Is he now a member of the Privy Council?
    He is also described as Head of State.
    When did all this take place —I must have been asleep.

  • percy

    any reason why there’s no update on P&J


    Robinson in justice deal promise

  • John O’Connell

    Sinn Fein must have more money than sense.

  • I see the Honorable (sic) Gerry Adams is listed under Government officials. Why not VIP 😉