“The CGI membership fee is $20,000 per calendar year..”

In noting the number of local politicians attending the Clinton Global Initiative [CGI] event in New York I did ask, “How many are fully paid-up members rather than there on a complimentary invitation?” Well, according to a Sinn Féin statement, Gerry Adams “is a member of the CGI”. You can see some more notable members on the CGI website. And here’s what the CGI website has to say about membership

CGI membership is a year-round activity tailored to the needs of today’s world leaders that allows them to expand and benefit from their new and current efforts to address pressing global problems. CGI offers its members unique opportunities to network and identify partners, gain practical insight, and be recognized on a world stage.

The CGI membership fee is $20,000 per calendar year, $19,000 of which is tax deductible. Contact our membership department to learn more.