“I do say that we have to back our own..”

With a rush to label produce from the Republic of Ireland exclusively Irish, the Irish Times notes Taoiseach Brian Cowen striking a patriotic pose. Interestingly, although he doesn’t define who “our own” are, Brian Cowen suggests that there may be problems with the public procurement process. From the Irish Times report.

In comments which suggested the current system may go against some Irish companies, he said he had been contacted by people, both at local and national level, who said the current system had led to Irish enterprises finding themselves excluded from tenders. He said jobs were at stake as a result, and the same situation did not pertain in other countries facing a recession like Ireland was facing.

Stressing that the public procurement process needed to fair, he nonetheless went on to say: “We have to be mindful of that, to try to make sure that we put out our tendering processes in such a way that it encourages our people to put in. Many good people out there provide a good service down through the years and there is no reason to go elsewhere when they know in their heart and soul that there are good products among our people at home.”

*Gobble gobble*