“none of our elected representatives will be supporting..”

DUP leader Peter Robinson is trying to safely navigate his party between “a different world and different planet”, and the “adult world”. From his statement on the Libyan compensation campaign.

It is clear from the reception for the Lockerbie bomber that Libya still has a long way to go. Consequently, none of our elected representatives will be supporting any future deployments of police personnel to Libya until they have reached a settlement on the payment of compensation to PIRA victims and relations have been normalised.

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  • William

    Sounds like a slap on the wrist for Junior….whilst the party [as usual] wash their dirty linen in private and refrain from any public criticism of young Mr. P.

  • danielmoran

    william…..a panic measure from peter robinson and no mistake. if he didn’t come out with this, he knows sunny jim will pounce on it straight away interesting times for the dup, and we know what the chinese thought of those.

  • 0b101010

    That’s one excellently-constructed wriggle.