“We are told to move forward patriotically without ever looking back…”

Elaine Byrne telling like it really is in today’s Irish Times, when she fingers Alan Dukes (damned!) Tallaght strategy which released Fianna Fail from any sense of responsibility for the political consequences of their actions since that time. So that now, more major tribunals than you can shake a stick at later, the consequences are (bleedin’) obvious:

Ireland is at an extraordinary, critical juncture but we have been here before. And on each occasion our innate Irish conservatism kicks in and we embrace the status quo rather than seize the opportunity for fundamental systematic change. Instead, we are told to move forward patriotically without ever looking back.

When the word consequence is missing from the political dictionary then nothing is anybody’s fault. Any willingness to admit unconditionally that mistakes have been made is instead bypassed, like the Taoiseach did on Friday night’s Late Late Show, despite Ryan Tubridy’s best efforts.

We have never any obligation to learn from the past because the mindset of the past remains that of the present. If it is no one’s fault, then of course, no one can be held accountable and therefore nothing needs to change.

And whose fault is that? Fine Gael, the PDs, the Labour Party and now the Green Party put and kept Fianna Fáil in power for 18 of the past 20 years. In all this time, the only consequences have been to the taxpayer. Those responsible for wrong decisions remain in positions of authority without ever introducing real reform.

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