[Irish] National Dairy Council to mark milk and cream “sourced and packaged in the Republic”

I noted the launch of the Love Irish Food campaign previously. Now RTÉ reports that the Irish National Dairy Council is introducing a new mark on milk and cream packaging “to show consumers it has been sourced and processed in the Republic.” From the RTÉ report

NDC Chief Executive Helen Broffey said the mark allows consumers to select products that contribute to the tax returns of the Republic. Ms Broffey denied suggestions the move is part of a cross-boarder economic war. She also rejected suggestions that it flies in the face of North/South co-operation in agriculture.

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  • John East Belfast

    Very silly and dangerous game for an island nation that needs to export. Irish Dairy farmers, north and south, produce 3 times more milk than the island can drink and the only way to support the industry is to ship it overseas – including extensively the 60 million market across the Irish Sea.

    Two can and in my opinion should play that game.

    Also makes a bit of a mockery of the 32 county Republic idea and if I was northern nationalist I wouldnt be happy about this.

    They are quite happy for northerners to be President, hold a passport and play for the ROI football team but they clearly dont want to give aything in return including prefering not to trade with you.

    And to think nationalists on here love to tell unionists just how unloved they are in GB – at least GB puts its money where its mouth is

  • Thereyouarenow

    Are there any of those cows grazing on both sides of the border.

    Would it be such a big deal to label agricultural products from Ireland where it advantageous to every one.

  • Coll Ciotach


    I would have thought that as this is for the home market benefit it would not have too big an impact on exports. In which case those who wish to exclude themselves can hardly complain.

    And GB loves us so much they get those nasty southerners to make good years of GB failure to invest in infrastructure

    If I was a unionist dairy farmer I would not be happy at losing a market because of a sectarian inspired border

  • Coll Ciotach


    Yes there is a problem in that there are people who do not want to be part of the nation and pay their way but want to be able to piggy back on any benefits that is accrued from being part.

    Either all duck or no dinner

  • Dublin Voter

    Me and my family drink an awful lot of milk here in Dublin. We buy “own brand” labels – Tesco, Dunnes, Spar, whatever – because they are always significantly cheaper than Avonmore and Premier (which afaik are the same company anyway). The milk in many of the own brand cartons is from NI, afaik. Putting a “product of ROI” or somesuch label on the cartons will not get us to change our purchasing habits. It’s all about price! This is a conspiracy by ROI farmers, dairy industry to keep milk dear.

  • joeCanuck

    She also rejected suggestions…

    Well, she would, wouldn’t she?

  • Farmerboy

    ‘Would it be such a big deal to label agricultural products from Ireland where it advantageous to every one.’

    Following the dioxin scare in feed in the South many of the UK multiples want to be sure of their supply chain. As a result it is essential for NI suppliers – who match GB quality and supply chain standards – to have their food marked as ‘British’ or Produce of UK.

    The answer is for the Republic to agree to mirror UK standards and to desist playing silly protectionist games.
    The UK is far to important a market for the Republic – this nonsense needs to be nipped in the bud asap.

    In the long term the Republic’s own retail and food industry will probably be absorbed by UK companies (the retail business is far down this route) and hopefully that will put a stop to this nonsense

  • Beat me to it, Dublin Voter!

    The only label that matters is the price label. If northern milk is cheaper it’ll sell better. Lidl stock only NI milk north and south, and no other choice is offered.

    Anyway, if NI producers want to show up the hypocrisy, why not label the milk ‘Sourced and processed in Ireland too’?

    Problem is, that might be asking some unionists in the UFU to admit something that they would prefer to deny.

  • dunreavynomore

    Those labels will cause problems for milk procesors in the border area as creameries in Monaghan, Cavan and possibly Donegal, source some of their milk from the 6 co side of the border. Some tankers collect from both sides of the border so how will they distinguish the wee six milk from the rest? it won’t have a union jack in it.

  • Drumlins Rock

    dunreavy has it about right, all of the rest is just speculation and a bit of a joke to be honest but it is gonig to have a major effect on a few supliers on the border, I can think of at least one in monaghan who surely buy a large proportion of their milk in the North, they can jut switch to southern cows so they prob will have to cut production, so much for protecting the Irish Economy.

  • Drumlins Rock

    just wondering, have a neighbour who lives in the north, milks his cows here, but feeds them grass and silage grown in the south, the milk is then collected by a southern tanker and taken to monaghan, do you think his milk is irish enough?
    or would the water have to be piped across too?
    ( wonder will milk form British fresians also be under threat? )

  • susan

    Someone unfamiliar with that region might think you were joking, Drumlins Rock. Seriously, I thought of ginormous Lakeland Dairies when I read this. Reading online I see they already saw profits fall last year. Given the size of the co-op and the 15 county area it serves, the size of its exports, and its role as a major provider for Kerrygold, isn’t it possible — and I’m genuinely asking, I only know this from a micro perspective and that’s going back too many years — further knocking down or knocking out Lakeland will hurt not only dairy farmers but both economies?

    Out of respect for the issue I’m not even going to link to the Free Range Bastards food label I designed on desktop when a similar issue came up a couple of years ago regarding cross-border birds (I mean poultry).

  • Anyone care to speculate/explain as to why UK/NI milk is cheaper for the multiples than ROI milk?

  • Mick Fealty


    When’s the last time you actually spoke to a ‘unionist’ farmer? In my experience they are mostly just like ‘nationalist’ farmers, they are interested in selling their yield first, and indulging in petty politics second.

  • dunreavynomore

    don’t get me started on ‘cross-border birds’, lots and lots of memories there, mostly good!

  • susan

    ah, g’wan, dunreavynomore, beyond doubt it would be more entertaining than if I attempted to stagger through a shaky explanation of high EU quotas, producers versus processors, farm gate versus retailers for Mark Dowling.

    Well, the Cork Examiner thinks it is the best idea ever, ever, ever, you’d think it was a press release:


    There was excellent actual reporting in the Irish Times yesterday — or maybe it is today, I read it online:

    “North’s milk excluded from new mark”


    Sure enough, there are plans to expand the mark to cheese and youghurt, which would affect packaging (and thus costs) for the Kerrygold group — the one profitable, internationally known, nothing-to-do-with-alcohol food brand export the island has.

    The dairy crisis is real and island-wide, but this partitionist, protectionist approach to me seems short-sighted. Less potential for collective bargaining power in future re: auctions, quotas, exports. Less cooperation in health scare outbreaks. Affecting producers north of the border and processors on both sides. Will jobs and farms lost as the economy recovers be replaced with dairy farm jobs, or once lost are they gone forever?

    History suggests they will be gone forever.