Blogtalk TV Launched

Brian Crowe (Burkes Corner), Alan Meban (Alan in Belfast) and myself (O’Conall Street) were invited into the NVTV studio last week to record the ‘pilot’ for Blogtalk NI . Here’s the show. I know the Carl Boyle down at NVTV would like to make Blogtalk NI a regular thing.

Adds: Carl would like to hear from any bloggers interested in being part of future programmes. Email: .

Blogtalk NI from Northern Visions on Vimeo.

  • Mick Fealty

    Great piece of work from all concerned…

  • Think we should have set some kind of mystery object on the coffee table

  • 50 minutes under (I presume) some studio lighting, and not a glass of water for any of you! You must have been parched by the end. They could have used that (IKEA?) coffee table for holding a few glasses, could they not?

    A very interesting little programme, and I look forward to more like it.

  • DC

    Yes, well done Conall in particular, while sometimes he bores me to tears this time round what he had to say was intelligent, relevant and articulate.

    It just serves to highlight the problems with the current batch of ministers and MLAs that is to say they’re not the sharpest most innovative bunch.

    After all the first minister is a former estate agent and the deputy an ex-terrorist whereas if you compare the Scottish first minister on wiki it states:

    Salmond attended Linlithgow Academy[2] and the University of St Andrews, where he graduated with an MA in Economics and History. He was first employed as an assistant economist in the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for Scotland from 1978.
    In 1980, he joined the Royal Bank of Scotland, for which he worked until 1987, first as an assistant economist, then as the Oil Economist and latterly as Royal Bank Economist. While with the Royal Bank, he wrote and broadcast extensively for both domestic and international outlets. He also contributed regularly to oil and energy conferences. In 1983 he devised the “Royal Bank / BBC Oil Index”, which continues monthly publication to this day.

  • willis

    Thanks Conall

    Could I suggest that you give us some rough running order which may encourage more people to view.

    I was obviously most interested in education. When did that chunk start?

    It really does open up new possibilities for viewing and discourse.

  • USA

    Excellent work guys. A last a forum for informed discussion. Certainly beats watching Noel Thompson pick a fight with his guests week after week.
    Big well done to Alan, Conall and Brian.

  • USA

    Alan Meban, “it’s all in the implementation, I mean, our shared future is stuck down the back of this sofa”

  • oneill

    The video seems to have been taken down, do I have to register to see it now?

  • oneill – still working for me. Try going direct to

  • Mick Fealty

    Horseman, get yer ass up to Belfast, pronto!

  • Alan,

    For me now too, just one more question, were suits and collared shirts compulsory;)?

  • There were no dress instructions! I nearly died when I arrived and found Conall and Brian both wearing blue ties over their white ties. I thought they’d been branded by the Tories 🙂

    Might be good to get some female voices involved too.

  • quality!

    now how does one get on it? I have a few points I’d like to make with regard to the treatment of waiters in modern day Belfast…..

    nobody cares though….sniff sniff…

  • Thanks for the mention Brian.