Nell McCafferty talks back…

Nice moment on when Nell McCafferty bursts in on a virtual conversation about her real world dealings with a surgeon at Dublin’s Beaumont Hospital and his secretary which bursts a few (virtual) bubbles… Real world meets virtual… H/T our own Dan Sullivan…

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  • John O’Connell

    I’m sure Nell knew that there are some Irish people who cannot bear her cuddly little Derry woman routine.

    It doesn’t appeal to me either but everyone to their own tastes.

  • wild turkey


    the link within the link ain’t working.

    can’t get it running on realplayer or windows media player

    have i missed something?

  • OC

    I read the article, and now, as an American, I’m dubious of Obamacare.

  • grannie trixie

    Good on Nell she highlights what I have found to be a problem too.Whats wrong with requiring someone expert in medicine/surgery to have a decent bedside manner? A holistic approach would mean that they appreciate that you,the patient, are nervous and it helps everyone if you are put at ease.Why should you have to trade off someone with social skills against someone with the kind of exepertise you require?.

    I find that these elites (like hairdressers?)scare the shit out of me – you are putty in their hands (excluding Nell).

  • Rory Carr

    It appears as though it may have been consultant Pidgeon who was having a brain aneurysm here insofar as he seems to have completely lost the plot and any semblance of objectivity in dealing with a patient presenting with a potentially life-threatening condition.

    Patients, clients, customers, whatever can of course be difficult at times but all of us need to be aware of the shortcomings within the system we are part of which may exasperate the patience of those we are expected to serve. Certainly a swift fall back on arrogance, that long-standing crutch (and bludgeon) of senior medical professionals, should be curtailed at all costs.

    I have seen the expectation among medical doctors that the donning of a white coat confers upon them the mantle of deity severely decline over the years and that is much to be welcomed. What a pity then that Mr Pidgeon should demonstrate that it is not quite dead. At least Nell has done us all a favour by highlighting such backwoods shortcomings within the profession and I get the impression that the consultant’s initial bluster is now much muted.

    In any case it is vitally important to all of us, and the body politic in particular, that Nell’s brain be kept in tip-top running order for as long as possible in order to save us from the brain-dead who represent us in government or those who write fawningly about those who do.

  • Dr Kildare

    What? He thought he was a journalist?

  • Big Maggie

    “Celeb Nell McCafferty refused treatment ”

    Nell McCafferty is a “celeb”? :^)

  • Jack Ryan

    I have seen this lady in action and she is rude! Nobody should have to put up with her attitude!

  • barnshee

    Loudmouth woman gets her comeuppance-this is news?