Why did FF reject debate on a national government?

Fianna Fail strategists may well be regretting their decision to reject any talk about a national government earlier this year, following publication of today’s Irish Times poll.

The Soldiers of Destiny are now in a perfect storm. There is unpopular legislation to be passed and a savage budget to come. All of which increases the possibility of back bench rebellion, Green Party mutiny and a snap election before Christmas.

As if that was not enough the national mood is now clearly for change. The fact that Fine Gael and Labour have never been tested on their policies is secondary to what appears to be an overwhelming desire to clear the cabinet table. An election will give the country a new team, but where is the plan for national recovery which is so desperately needed?

It’s probably too late to reach for the lifeboat but surely someone somewhere in Government Buildings must be thinking about a plan B. No matter who is in power the difficult decisions will still need to be taken.

The question is why was debate about the possibility of a national government not encouraged by Fianna Fail when they had the opportunity to do so?