“There hasn’t been a straight answer given to anybody on any issue that’s been brought up.”

Acting-chairman Mike Nesbitt’s criticisms aside, the Victims Commission’s second public meeting as part of their consultation on both their and the OFMDFM proposals was held in Londonderry last night. But it doesn’t seem to have quite gone as planned. Still, we’re told that they’ll be revealing the make-up of the pilot Victims and Survivors Forum in the next few days. From the BBC report

One of the commissioners, Brendan McAllister, said at the meeting that the make-up of the pilot Victims and Survivors Forum will be announced in the next few days. “We will be revealing the names of the 30 or so people we have invited into the forum, each of whom we believe is a victim of the Troubles, plus the nine advisors we have asked to serve on that forum. “This will run in pilot form from this month until next June, so that we can road test it as a model. “Hopefully from that we can discern the best kind of forum that will be of use to victims and survivors,” he said.

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  • Seceder

    Stand by the usual suspects – Northern Ireland needs you!

    Line up talk drivel and produce weighty reports no one wants, reads or cares about.

    As long as we continue to see evidence of movement/life the tax payer will provide you with large amounts of cash to do very little.

    your contribution has been gratefully received – your cheque in in the post!

  • Well all of us born before 1997 are technically ‘survivors’, so I’m waiting by the phone.

    It’ll be interesting to see how many of the ‘victims’ are Alliance Party types.

  • joeCanuck

    It’s now time to wind up this “victim” industry. I lived there during the worst of it and because I lived in the “wrong” area (in the view of some), I checked under my car every morning and varied my drive to work. Am I a victim?

  • Pigeon Toes

    “we believe is a victim of the Troubles”

    Ah that troublesome “belief” again. Isn.t that where it all started.

    I want to to set up a support group for the victims of the “Peace Process”..

    “Why can’t it be like this all of the time?”

    False advertising?

  • Seceder

    “NINE” advisors that’s more than OFMDFM put together! Now how much are they being paid?

    Yet again a complete bollocks of an idea.

    The ceasefires were called in 1994 – 15 years ago, most of us even those that lost loved ones have or are moving on, those that aren’t are either doing so because they can’t and never will or it suits some agenda not to.

    No amount of nonsense from the four horsepersons of the apologia will change the facts and we should wind this nonsense up, save the money and invest in the future.

  • Freddie

    This is all pretty distasteful and one could have expected Alice to have come across this ‘industry’ in Wonderland. Large amounts of public funds are being spent with only the usual suspects reaping any benefit.

    If the chosen thirty don’t meet with approval from the many circling interested parties, who it seems to me are less concerned with victims per se and rather more concerned with ensuring their perspective on the Troubles is in the ascendant, will we end up with one hundred and twenty forum members?

    The bottomline is that the whole victims’ issue has become mired in an arena within which the ‘conflict’ can be continued and ‘blame’ can be attributed.

    The victims, those who care about their individual wellbeing, should consider distancing themselves from this mess, avoid being victimised again and refuse to allow their pain to be exploited as a vehicle for some to have a well-paid billet and others to use them as a totem for their political cause.

  • William

    I was at the meeting in Londonderry on Wednesday night – it lasted from 6pm to 9.30 and was quite disjointed…McAllister, Nesbitt and Douglas, three of the Commissioners gave presentations on their proposals and the OFMDFM document,currently out for ‘consultation’ and which Nesbitt said was ‘full of holes’ and which they ‘wished to fill’. McBride was absent, citing some type of illness.

    All three were quite coy about giving anything away as to who the 30 members of the new Victims Forum and the 9 Associate members would be, but a female who is from one of the famous Provo families in the city and holds some position [funded by British and European monies] with a group called something like’Cunna’ was quietly boasting that she had got the nod….if so, a sure guarantee that Victims groups representing real victims will not be engaging with the Forum.

    Of course there will be a ‘balancing act’ but no doubt there won’t be anyone from organisations that represent genuine victims, as distinct from terrorist related groups who like to see themselves as victims, even when, like Begley on the Shankill, they killed themselves with their own bombs, or like Lynch, Sands and Co….the ten slimmers who believe they could live on the foul air in their respective cells.