“There hasn’t been a straight answer given to anybody on any issue that’s been brought up.”

Acting-chairman Mike Nesbitt’s criticisms aside, the Victims Commission’s second public meeting as part of their consultation on both their and the OFMDFM proposals was held in Londonderry last night. But it doesn’t seem to have quite gone as planned. Still, we’re told that they’ll be revealing the make-up of the pilot Victims and Survivors Forum in the next few days. From the BBC report

One of the commissioners, Brendan McAllister, said at the meeting that the make-up of the pilot Victims and Survivors Forum will be announced in the next few days. “We will be revealing the names of the 30 or so people we have invited into the forum, each of whom we believe is a victim of the Troubles, plus the nine advisors we have asked to serve on that forum. “This will run in pilot form from this month until next June, so that we can road test it as a model. “Hopefully from that we can discern the best kind of forum that will be of use to victims and survivors,” he said.