Welsh Blog Update

Betsan blogs about Clay Pigeon shooting in Caerffili with Ron Davies and the mechanics of Adam Price suceeding Ieuan Wyn Jones as Plaid leader.
No Good Boyo celebrates a decline to number 47 best Welsh blog. Ordo was not impressed – (not for the easily offended but funny).On Wales Home – Jonathan Morgan calls for Tory modernisation (super site that).
Glyn deplores the throwing of eggs….2 consecutive posts by Syniadau on the number of students taking Welsh GCSE – some good news & some not so good. Vaughan in Welsh and ,Google translated here – you can get the sense?, has a nice occasional series of video clips.
Clwyd West Tory MP David Jones asks: “How ill is al- Megrahi?”
Finally the latest from the front runners to suceed Rhodri as Welsh Labour leader. Huw Lewis and Carwyn Jones.

  • J

    thanks Dewi, have enjoyed your Welsh background posts as well.

    Interesting to see Price as leader.

    Ieuan seemed like a steady leader but somewhat a steady as she goes type.

    Price seems like a more charismatic personality.

    What type of leader would he make and politically how focussed is he on the drive for independence.\

    To cast a Scottish tinge on this – is he another Salmond?

  • Dewi

    J = it’s a strange time. Me, I’ve become a Ieuan fan – unemployment in Wales down two months in a row – astonishing in the current climate. As Industry minister Ieuan deseves some credit.
    It’s a difficult mechanism to get Adam into the Assembly – every path suggested will upset a lot of people. He should stand in Neath next time – not easy and will annoy his Carmarthen East constituents – difficult.