Too much detail from Afghanistan…?

This guy had his ‘embedded status’ revoked by the MOD after posting this detailed dispatch from Afghanistan…

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  • Brit

    Fair enough. Limited censorship of front line reporting in order to protect military personal and not to prejudice key military objectives is sometimes legitimate. This is not even censorship but just the MoD exercising its right not to permit this journalist to be given the privilege and protection of embeded status

  • joebetwa

    This is an interesting one. Michael Yon is a very good journo who writes down to earth,(sometimes literally) pieces about the day to day work of the troops on the ground. I read the piece yesterday and it gave a good sense of the work being done by British soldiers in Afghanistan. It didn’t hold back in giving details about deaths and the dangers faced, but praised the men involved for their professionalism. It is not a piece for the lay person, nor did I feel that it would have told the enemy anything that they are not abundently aware. My only worry is that he does go into a lot of detail about the names of the soldiers involved, which is maybe a Northern Ireland reaction. Overral this piece wasn’t much different to previous pieces, so I would suspect that the MOD is more worried about current polls on the ‘popularity’ of the war in Afghanistan than operational security. Noone out of a relatively small number of people would have been aware of Michael Yon, but by doing this the MOD have probably blown off another toe or two and spread the word for his excellent work.

  • Driftwood

    Superb article from Yon, loved the bit about the troops imitating the southern drawl of the A-10 pilots. A bit too technical in use of acronyms, but a lot more detailed than any MSM report.
    Too detailed for the MoD hierarchy obviously.

  • Some folks believe such reports are “security violations,” as if the thousands of people living here do not know exactly where the bases are, or do not know exactly where we came from and went to.

    Reminds me of the suspiciously blank spaces on Ordnance Survey maps where everyone knows the army bases can be found.

  • Greenflag

    shades of the aerial dogfights of WW1 starring a certain German flying ace

    ” The optics aboard the French M2000D aircraft are not good, and the trail aircraft spots targets with binoculars like the Red Baron.’

    Some things never change éven 9in war

    ‘Also, the French and British have problems understanding each other’s accents.

    But some things do

    ‘The British who work with French forces refuse to say a bad word. They say the French are good and ready—which can be surprising because the Brits and the French like to slag each other’

    Americans don’t do slagging well and are apt to misunderstand and misinterpret banter for something else entirely. It even happens here on slugger;)

    The reporter concludes with the comment re the lack of public interest /concern re Afghanistan . This should come as no surprise given that the western powers have now been in Afghanistan for 9 years and appear no closer to a solution there than they were in 2001 in fact maybe even further from one 🙁

    I read there was more coverage of Michael Jackson’s death in the media in a few days than on the Afghan war over several years .

    As for the MOD ? Par for the course . When even they seem unsure of the óbjective/objectives of the Afghan War their action re Michal Lyon is only to be expected:(

  • Driftwood

    Andrew, some places, like Palace Barracks are signposted, and some places appear to be wilderness;

    Though 2 Rifles, the main combatants in the report should know it well.

  • jone

    All the base details you could ever want.

  • steve48

    very sound reporting of the real war rather than the sanitized civil service guff.

    hope this actually gets him read a lot more

  • Wilde Rover

    Not entirely relevant to the actual topic of the thread, but since one has yet to be opened on this subject…

    Unionists are hoping to get compensation from Libya in relation to its part in the Troubles.

    This would cause an interesting precedent if it were to be successful.

    Perhaps the people of Afghanistan, Iraq and any other country who have been victims of Anglo-American expansionism could also be compensated in the future.

    I look forward to unionists indignantly whining about “moral equivalence”/”defending against terrorism”/ “nobly defending the world” / “protecting the world from imminent takeover by [INSERT LATEST BOGEYMAN HERE].

    I look forward to a round about way of saying Britain can only every be a victim of terrorism and any action carried out by them is automatically not terrorist in nature.

    These closet BNP/KKK arguments are always very amusing.