Lance’s Dublin group cycle ride

In Dublin today? As I may have mentioned.. 7 time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong is organising an impromptu group cycle ride

Good morning Dublin. Who wants to ride this afternoon? I do. 5:30 pm @ the roundabout of Fountain Rd and Chesterfield Ave. See you there..

And as he also says

Need a bike for our 5:30 ride?

Update Heh.

I’ve decided it’s too nice and sunny (perfect) to ride. I think I’ll just sit around. Kidding!! On my way to phoenix park. Hell yeah.

And RTÉ reports – “Gardai said more than 1,000 people on bikes joined in.”

Reacting to the thousand-plus turnout, [Lance Armstrong] warned that the craze he started in Scotland last week will not be repeated in every city he visits. ‘I don’t think anyone can top Dublin now after this,’ he said.

Adds From Lance

Thanks Dublin!! What a great park and a cool ride w/ all of you. I heard a 1000+ came out. I’m speechless. Gotta love a good bike ride!!