The O’Donoghue Files: and the press follows on…

This is the front page of the Irish Daily Mail yesterday. It’s looks to be a good story (though personally I would like to see more homework on the value of the expenses than to be ‘shocked’ by big figure headlines). Its the travelling expenses of the Dail’s Ceann Comhairle (when he was the Culture and Sport Minister) John O’Donoghue. But you may have read about the story on Gavin’s blog a couple of days ago. The same story appears in today’s Irish Times. Yet the figures are all over the place. Irish Mail says €17,000. The Irish Times says over €21,000 (though they encompass a longer period than Gav’s receipts), which suggests they may all have different source material on this. But Gav (who along with John Handelaar built the excellent is making the source material freely available in a relatively systematic manner…

As I have said before, there is more to come… Some of it, sadly, may confirm people’s worse prejudices about the Irish political classes…

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  • We, as in bloggers and anyone else interested should get together and start investigating these crooks through FOI and by any other means available.

  • wild turkey

    In a statement issued on July 27th, when the controversy over Mr O’Donoghue’s expenses erupted – also included with the FoI documentation – the Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism points out: “Ministers, given the nature of the brief, travel abroad to high-profile events, such as the Venice Biennale, the Olympics, the World Cup matches, all of which are regarded as contributing to the promotion of Ireland as a tourism destination and a venue for international sports events.

    “The costs of flights and accommodation for such events invariably involve a high premium worldwide. In relation to the procuring of accommodation and car hire, every effort is made to secure the best possible rates for the Minister and the delegation.”

    IMHO, in the category of government press releases, the above statement is a cert for this weeks prize winner in the