“I’ll just be glad to get out of here”

An RTÉ report reminds me that Maze escapee Pól Brennan, who was arrested in Texas in January 2008, is due to be deported from the US today, and if this Texan report is accurate he’s probably already en route to Ireland. What happens next is unclear.. Update According to the Belfast Telegraph report, Brennan is now at “an undisclosed location in the west of Ireland.” Adds BBC report.

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  • Clay Davis

    ‘misdemeanor assault over a fight with a contractor who owed him money’.

    ‘In 2004, Brennan was charged in California State court with assault with a deadly weapon after he caused serious bodily injury by repeatedly striking a man with a cordless-drill battery. He pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of misdemeanor simple battery’.


    You’ve got to hand it to the BT for euphemisms, or more likely just laziness.