“The same arrangement would also operate in reverse..”

At the Cedar Lounge Revolution, WorldbyStorm spotted this suggestion in a recent report of the Fianna Fáil Senate reform proposals.

The Fianna Fáil submission says consideration should also be given to a reciprocal arrangement with the Northern Ireland Assembly, “whereby the Assembly and Seanad Éireann would exchange a right of audience for up to 10 members of each at sittings of each body”. Mr Cassidy said it was envisaged that, on one or two occasions each year, members of the Stormont Assembly would attend and speak in the Seanad chamber on issues of particular North-South interest such as tourism or energy, but that they would not have voting rights. The same arrangement would also operate in reverse, with Senators attending and speaking in the Assembly.

It’s an interesting comparison of the two chambers..

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  • David

    Perhaps they should consider giving Seanad seats to Queens University and the University of Ulster, the same way that NUI and TCD have. This could give them some interesting unionist representation.

  • eranu

    hmmm, what are these urgent and very important issues that require up to 10 members of a parliament to sit in another states parliament building and take part in discussions as they happen? i didnt realise tourism required such drastic action!!

  • Drumlins Rock

    Queens University and Unionist representation… umm
    Maybe the Senate shuold wait till its equivalent body is established, just waiting for my invitation to the Civic Forum to arrive anyday now.
    Or got a better idea, how about we give 20 senators the right to post on Slugger and 20 of us speak in their chamber.

  • Mack

    Abolish the senate and replace it with a special sub-forum on Slugger! We could use Survery Monkey or something similar for voting.

    A fraction of the cost and far more democratic..