“The Irish Times has got in on the Irish America bashing act lately..”

Niall O’Dowd doubles down on his ad hominem editorial response to Niall Stanage’s recent Irish Times article with an equally ad hominem follow-up article on his Irish Central website. Once again the US-Ireland Alliance seem to be his primary additional target, but he throws in Irish diplomat Sean Donlon and “the toffee nose crowd back at the Irish Times” for good measure. He may have missed Niall Stanage’s letter in the Irish Times following O’Dowd’s earlier right of reply. But it’s all a distraction from the real issue – O’Dowd’s original mis-direction over the US Secretary of State and the non-appointment of a political envoy. So, one more time, for those at the back of the class..

The key to understanding the previous mis-briefings is that this represents a climb-down by Hillary Clinton from her previously stated position noted by Brian, and an acceptance of the position as stated by Barack Obama [pdf file] – “that the crisis period for Northern Ireland has passed and that the people of Northern Ireland are now in charge of their own destiny” – which caused such outrage at the time amongst certain Irish-American lobbyists. In particular, the Clinton-supporting Niall O’Dowd.

Irish Voice publisher Niall O’Dowd, who supported Mrs Clinton in the Democratic primaries, said the statement was unclear but warned that any weakening of US input in the North would be “completely unacceptable” to Irish-Americans. “A special envoy continues to be vital and necessary,” he said. “Wholehearted American support and involvement will also be vital in resolving the upcoming issues of policing and devolution.”

And a telling quote from Barack Obama’s campaign fact sheet on Ireland [pdf file].

“Barack Obama understands that there is not a monolithic ‘Irish American’ vote.”