The Passing of the Spendthrift Southerner

Paul Cullen at the Irish Times has been charting the journey from Rip Off Ireland to Cheap Ireland, peppering his account with a few of his own memories of the time when the Celtic Tiger roared loud enough to distract the consumer whilst his/her pocket was well and truly picked- like the 15 euro baby formula, now costing him 8.50 euro.
Niall McHenry of speaks of a new paradigm in which people in the South expect to get value for money:
“This mindset is not a fad. It is here to stay. For a whole generation of consumers mostly in their 20s, 30s and 40s, the repair job on their mortgage, investment portfolio or pension fund is going to take a number of years. They will be on a constant look-out for good value or trying to secure a good deal.”

The establishment of the National Consumer Agency in 2007, the emergence of numerous consumer-oriented websites, the success of the ALDI/LIDL supermarkets and the ‘unpatriotic’ cross-border shopping affair would suggest McHenry may be on to something.

  • steve white

    ah its the people fault not the business’ i see, is that the line there taking

  • Greenflag

    ‘ah its the people fault like the 15 euro baby formula, now costing him 8.50 euro.’

    Mother’s milk does’nt cost anything so even paying 8.50 euro is daft. A squeeze or suckling of the tit is far better for the baby and has been proven to be far healthier , reduces later obesity ,and even improves IQ by up to 10 points accordig to researchers .

    Aldi’s are the German – Walmart/Tesco and are much better value. Walmart ‘failed’ in Germany – mainly due to a poor fit with the consumer culture there iirc.

    When people shop they should’nt be too ‘proud’to complain that prices are too high and they object to being gouged . Don’t ever expect any business to lower it’s prices if they don’t have to .

    Anyway it’s long overdue i.e a bit of wising up by Irish consumers . Billions have been squandered unnecessarily by the Murphy’s trying to keep up with the Joneses 🙁