Was it something he said?

I’m not sure where to begin with this considered editorial ill-tempered outburst in the Irish Voice – Niall O’Dowd’s ex-patriate website which had been congratulating itself on his scoop mis-direction over the US Secretary of State and the non-appointment of a political envoy. The target of the editorial is two-fold – Niall Stanage, whose Irish Times article I noted here, and Trina Vargo of the US-Ireland Alliance, whose Irish Times article on US immigration reform was noted at the time. There is some serious misrepesentation going on at the Irish Voice but, strangely, the editorial has nothing to add to Máirtín’s media rumpus about that missing envoy..I think I’ll just add to the editorial’s brief history of US involvement here by repeating myself.

The US administration’s influence here, in particular that of Mitchell Reiss, has been documented before.

Although the intended destination may have differed from the actual outcome.

Of course, any such thinking is “in the land of the cuckoo..”

Adds And a quote from Barack Obama’s campaign fact sheet on Ireland [pdf file].

“Barack Obama understands that there is not a monolithic ‘Irish American’ vote.”

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  • the article seem to be a direct questioning of the two people mentioned and the US-I A organization and doesn’t seem ill-tempered. It counters the views and opinions of a unionist (Stanage), a unionist newspaper (Irish Thames), a Kennedy hanger-on and an organization for Irish-American rich kids which is publically funded… huummm I don’t have a problem with any of that.

    How long in Stanage been working and living in Harlem/USA whereby he’s a greater insight into Irish America than O’Dowd’s 20-30 years?

  • OC
  • Pete Baker


    That editorial is a two page rant which wouldn’t get past a Slugger moderator.

    “whereby he’s a greater insight into Irish America than O’Dowd’s 20-30 years?”

    Firstly no-one claimed “a greater insight” than anybody else.

    See the Obama reference in the updated post.

    But if O’Dowd has such great insight then why did he get the envoy story so spectacularly [deliberately] wrong?

    That’s rhetorical btw.


    Did you read past the title?

  • Omar

    Niall Stanage’s comments are spot on. O’Dowd has fired one of his characteristically intemperate OTT and self serving attacks on Stanage, smearing him with being from NORTHERN Ireland (not Southern Ireland or the Irish-American “community,” which wd be more credible to O’Dowd), being from the “UNIONIST TRADITION” (implying a biased agenda) and being an “OXFORD” graduate (elite ENGLISH university, so must be biased). Then he unleashes another vitriolic attack on Trina Vargo, who does have Irish American roots as well as Portuguese ones, and seeks to have her funding cut off ! Could it be that the rather irrelevant O’Dowd, who backed Hillary Clinton, and then backed John McCain (!) is just not a player any longer, and never much was on the Northern Ireland issues, much tho he claimed to be ? He clearly has no clout whatsoever with the Obama Administration. And how many print copies does his Irish Voice sell these days ? Precious few. The last resort is the website.
    O’Dowd’s eruptions indicate that all is not well in the O’Dowd “empire,” one suspects…..and it is clearly driving him mad !


  • OC

    Lighten up, for Pete’s sake!

    Except for a few enclaves in the USA similiar to the Kaliningrad Oblast (usually packed with illegal aliens from the Emerald Isle, and kicking with the right foot ), most Americans can’t even tell the difference between an Irishman and an Australian, much less decipher the Gordian Knot of NornIron. Nor do they much care.

    I have met Martin Galvin, and all I can say is that he has the eyes of a sociopathic killer.

    I am ashamed of my gov’ts kid glove handling of Irish terrorists, either fundraising, recruiting, or hiding out in my country.

  • PeteFaker,
    the rant is an editorial and I don’t think it’s the worst editorial I’ve ever read.

    “Past a Slug Moderator”… please don’t set the bar at such a low level. Watch you don’t trip yourself up on that inflated ego of yours; at least NOD has the Columbia Uni conection while you have…

    I implied that one writer should have a greater insight than the other. NOD’s twenty odd years of Irish American issues as opposed to Stanage’s…. eh, how long? And we are discussing Irish America AGAIN (third time this month, is it) based on your threads.

    Michael McDowell, “…is just not a player any longer, and never much was on the Northern Ireland issues, much tho he claimed to be…”

    a simple check on the ol’ wiki will give you… “…His role was featured in the book Daring Diplomacy by Irish Times journalist Conor O’Clery…” That’s your beloved Irish Thames. Later it’s written about NOD…“… O’Dowd was named among New York’s most influential people by New York Magazine in their issue of May 15 2006. he was featured on the “People You Should Know” segment of the Paula Zahn Now program on CNN in 2007.In January 2008, he was appointed an adjunct professor at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.”

    “… vitriolic attack on Trina Vargo, … and seeks to have her funding cut off …”

    Where did I last see that tactic… Frank Connelly loosing his funding from Chuck Feeney, ‘par chance’? Now who could have been to blame for that bit of snake in the grass behaviour? Are you the real MMcD, bro of Moore?

  • Pete Baker


    An appeal to authority?!

    That’s one of Bacon’s idols.

    I’ll ask the rhetorical question again

    But if O’Dowd has such great insight then why did he get the envoy story so spectacularly [deliberately] wrong?

  • borderline

    Excellent question, Peadar a’Bácaire.

    NOD is going to have to come up with a better response to Stanage’s perceptive article than ‘he’s a unionist for goddamn’s sakes’

    OK NOD’s defence will go down well in Irish America, but for all his influence, his best powerful buddies still regard NI as a predominantly British business, and that was when the tide was fully in.

    He should come home, Stanage hit a number of nails smack on the head.

  • borderline

    Just read NOD’s piece in today’s Irish Times.

    And he has come up with a better response, a reasoned argument indeed.

    Over to you Niall S

  • Avon Barksdale

    Niall Stanage is merely repeating analysis previously provided by both Timothy Lynch and Mary Alice Clancy. If one wants to adopt O’Dowd’s bigoted rationale, then he must explain the flaws in the arguments of these two (again, assuming O’Dowd’s bigotry) presumed non-unionists.


    Both Irish and British officials agree that some of the worst analysis of the United States’ role in NI has come from Conor O’Clery, so O’Dowd will have to dig a bit deeper than that to prove his authority.

    Chuck Feeney decided to terminate funding of Frank Connolly’s centre for the same reason he decided to terminate his funding of restorative justice: he wasn’t keen on funding illegal activities, particularly the cleaning up of rape scenes under the auspices of ‘restorative justice’.

  • Avon Barksdale

    P.S. I love the fact that O’Dowd slams Stanage for his connection to Oxford yet tries prove his bona fides through his connection to Columbia (as an adjunct, no less).

    “a simple check on the ol’ wiki will give you”. I certainly hope Niall O’Dowd isn’t encouraging students in his journalism class to use Wikipedia as a source, but if so then this does help to explain the content of many Irish Echo/Voice articles. And I’m sure that someone with O’Dowd’s outsized ego would never dare to edit their own Wikipedia entry.

    O’Dowd has never been the ‘insider’ he claimed to be; his lack of an ‘insider’ status was best demonstrated by his genuine shock over Denis Donaldson. You could practically see the wheels turning in his head from a remove of 3,000 miles: ‘Donaldson was a British agent for 20 years, yet he was pursing a pro-Adams agenda in the States, and anyone who was anti-Adams (e.g. Gabe Megahey) was threatened with deportation until they switched sides….hmmm’

  • borderline

    Avon Barksdale, the dog that barked.

    The oul’ interweb. Ya gotta love it.

  • It seems, with the repeated jeers at Stanage’s alleged origins, that O’Dowd thinks you have to pass an ethnicity test before you are qualified to speak on Ireland and Irish American. That stinks.