Was it something he said?

I’m not sure where to begin with this considered editorial ill-tempered outburst in the Irish Voice – Niall O’Dowd’s ex-patriate website which had been congratulating itself on his scoop mis-direction over the US Secretary of State and the non-appointment of a political envoy. The target of the editorial is two-fold – Niall Stanage, whose Irish Times article I noted here, and Trina Vargo of the US-Ireland Alliance, whose Irish Times article on US immigration reform was noted at the time. There is some serious misrepesentation going on at the Irish Voice but, strangely, the editorial has nothing to add to Máirtín’s media rumpus about that missing envoy..I think I’ll just add to the editorial’s brief history of US involvement here by repeating myself.

The US administration’s influence here, in particular that of Mitchell Reiss, has been documented before.

Although the intended destination may have differed from the actual outcome.

Of course, any such thinking is “in the land of the cuckoo..”

Adds And a quote from Barack Obama’s campaign fact sheet on Ireland [pdf file].

“Barack Obama understands that there is not a monolithic ‘Irish American’ vote.”