Ulster Museum to re-open on 22 October

After an extended and expensive, and controversial, renovation it’s been announced that the Ulster Museum will re-open on 22 October – 80 years on from the original building’s official opening in 1929. Let’s hope they remember about the items on temporary public display elsewhere. And any other borrowed items..

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  • The Raven


    Wonder how the interpretive panels will look…? Specifically those of relics over 6000 years old…?

  • I hear that the big machines won’t be there any longer. Need a new space for industrial heritage, perhaps in or around the Titanic quarter? Huge part of Belfast’s past.

  • abu nicola

    It will be sad if the big machines are not there. If so, I agree they need to be displayed elsewhere. Such machines paid a big part in making Belfast an industrial powerhouse (once).