“There’s something you’ve forgotten…”

In a bold act of solidarity with President-for-Life Gerry Adams, Danny Morrison blogs about his own problems misremembering who sang what when – pointing out he misremembered a song from the movie Reds when writing a love letter to his wife whilst in prison. When compiling his prison letters for his book, Then the Walls Came Down, he realised he had gotten the song all wrong but decided to print the letter as it was without correction, staying true to the misremembrance as it was in his memory. The problem for Adams and his now-infamous “misremembrance” of what he sang while he was in prison is that Adams is ‘mis-remembering’ his own autobiography (autobiographies, as Morrison does point out, are held to a higher standard than memoirs). Not only is he misquoting himself, he is doing so clearly out of keeping in with the political climate: at the time of writing his autobiography, it was still acceptable for Gerry Adams, leader of the Republican Movement, to be singing rebel songs in prison. Now that he is Gerry Adams, International Statesman of Peace, the memory changes to more benign singing material with no regard to its historical accuracy. Sure, it all makes for a happy ending anyway; in Gerry Adams’ world it’s not the details that matter but the ‘feel good’ factor. In Morrison’s favour, although the motive behind his little vignette is perhaps craven, at least in his book he was remaining true to the details as it happened for him, and resisted the urge to change them to make him look better once he realised the mistake. So fair play to him for that. Adams, as noted by Pete Baker, is still peddling the lie as the truth, even today. It might be worth mentioning to him that even Hillary Clinton owned up to her own misremembrance when caught by the balls: “I gave contemporaneous accounts, I wrote about a lot of this in my book. you know, I think that, a minor blip, you know, if I said something that, you know, I say a lot of things — millions of words a day — so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement.” That might just be a good quote for Adams to keep in mind – it may come in handy for him more often than not, and would anyone really notice if he pinched it? In the meantime, when taking any ribbing, he should just remember this: Some things in life are bad
They can really make you mad
Other things just make you swear and curse.
When you’re chewing on life’s gristle
Don’t grumble, give a whistle
And this’ll help things turn out for the best…

And…always look on the bright side of life…
Always look on the light side of life…

  • Ray

    You really need to interview Brendan Duddy, Mountain Climber, and get him to give you his version of the Hunger Strike.

  • jade

    there is another thing danny morrison forgot, and that was to tell his girlfriend/later wife that he was about to reveal their private love letters to the rest of the world!

  • cynic

    Ah good. What is important now is what we remember … not what it actually was. Just imagine what this Alzheimer politics and history can do for us!!

  • John O’Connell

    I guess one of the motivations for him having the “false” memory about singing that famous song (Always look on the bright side of life) is that it addresses “the claim” that his name comes out at 666 on a certain numeric alphabet.

    He may be consciuosly or unconsciuosly attempting to mock Christ by suggesting that the boys in Long Kesh, his great mates and heroes, would deliberately mock Jesus on the cross, where Monty Python portrayed the song’s singers to be.

    So its alright being the potential Antichrist if Jesus was a bit of an idiot, as he was to the Oxbridge educated Monty Python crew.

    So Gerry’s recall may not be as bad as you might imagine and his Freudian attempt to take the “who gives a damn” road is just his way of acknowledging the inevitable and suggesting that he knows men (the singers) who are better men than Christ. They even mock Christ as an idiot.

    So there isn’t a lot more for me to do when I’ve already convinced Gerry Adams of my revelations.

  • dunreavynomore

    I am taking a very good herbal remedy for memory loss and I’d send the name of it on to Gerry if I hadn’t forgotten it.

  • Drumlins Rock

    I’m starting to rather enjoy Johns O’Cs comments lol.

  • CIA operative

    Take no notice of John O’Connell. He’s talking a load of shite.

  • abu nicola

    If everybody’s “number” comes out as 3 digits, then 1 in every 1000 or so people is the antichrist.
    As yer cia guy says, it’s a load of shite.

  • John,

    do you facilitate study groups or public meetings where one can engage in full and frank discussions on your scholarship? I think that you should. Are you affiliated with a local parish?

    Will you send me one of your books for free? Do you receive much royalties from your books? When is your next book out like?

  • sinless

    Morrison was two timing on/lying to his wife. Hardly credible. Then he went to the Sandy Lynch interview/execution.

    Rusty Nail:what do u want? And is this all a non story to all but the INLA/IRSP?

  • Big Maggie

    That’s the trouble with autobiographies. Once they’re out there you can’t simply haul them back in when you’re found out in a porkie or two. Nor can you edit them like you would a … well, like a post on Slugger O’Toole.

  • abu nicola

    I’m not a particular fan of Adams and think there is a world of difference between lying and misremembering.
    Not that any of us is free from lying occasionally. But, in this case, there is no potential “profit” to be gained by lying.
    Silly season.

  • Rory Carr

    Well, at least Gerry Adams is able to remember his own name which is a task that seems beyond the ability (or willingness) of the author of the above thread. Isn’t it, “Rusty”?.

  • Mark McGregor


    Adams has misremembered his own name – ‘Brownie’ – and even claims to have let people borrow his non-de-plume (well, when the content was potentially damaging). Rusty’s consistency is something Adams doesn’t have under any name he choses to write under.

  • Such a yarn

    Well said Rory, we can all rest better now knowing Mr. Adams recalls his name. Pure genius on your part.

  • Big Maggie

    All this talk about “misremembering” caused me to look the word up.

    I read a very funny novel last year by a County Derry woman called “The Misremembered Man”. I’d never come across the word before and assumed it was an Ulster usage. But my online (American) dictionary lists it and defines it as “remember imperfectly or incorrectly”.

    Who’d a thought it?

  • Sean

    The problem for Adams and his now-infamous “misrembrance” of what he sang while he was in prison

    Nefarious: flagrantly wicked or impious : evil

    So wee Gerry wickedly and evily misremembered the song he was singing 30 some odd years ago? the bald faced nerve on the fella is just nefarious

  • Sean

    Christ I mean John Oc forgive me and my dyslexia scrub that last post will ya? Maybe just wave your magic wand or whatever you conjurers do

  • cynic

    ” at least Gerry Adams is able to remember his own name”

    …..but a shame about the things he seems to have forgotten

  • itwasn’tmeIwasneverinthe ra

    I wonder if Gerry Adams (or Danny Morrison) can remember where they were on 21 July 1972.

  • Dixie

    “No Irish nationalist could support any treaty which institutionalizes British government claims to a part of Irish national territory. Indeed, the term – ‘constitutional nationalism’- used by Mr.Mallon (SDLP) and his colleagues to describe their political philosophy is a contradiction in terms. The only constitutional nationalist in Ireland today is Sean McBride. He puts his nationalism within a framework of Irish constitutionality. Mr. Mallon, however, puts his within the framework of British constitutionality. Irish nationalism within British constitutionality is a contradiction in terms.”
    – Gerry Adams, 1986

    (“The Politics of Irish Freedom”, Gerry Adams, Brandon Book Publishers, Ltd., Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland 1986, page 112, lines 26-35. NOTE: REMOVED FROM 1995 and1996 EDITIONS).

  • Big Maggie


    “NOTE: REMOVED FROM 1995 and 1996 EDITIONS”

    Strewth! I take back what I said earlier about editing autobiography. Barefaced.

    On the other hand my argument still stands. Those earlier editions are still out there, a silent witness to “misremembering”.

  • John O’Connell


    Those were the equivalent of his famous last words before word came from Galway in March 1986 from Galway Sinn Fein members that his name came out at 666.

    Then his next line was, “What’s the telephone number for Fr Alex Reid and John Hume.”

    He then became a contradiction in terms organising 100 tonnes of weaponry from Libya to land (presumably it was too late to cancel) while suing for peace (or a complete collapse in republican theology.)

  • fair_deal


    Do me a favour and email me. Anything i send to you is bouncing back this evening

  • Mark McGregor


    If that is to me, major problems with my email address at the moment. I’ll drop you a line from an alternate to the address you are using here.

  • John O’Connell

    abu Nicola

    8.If everybody’s “number” comes out as 3 digits, then 1 in every 1000 or so people is the antichrist.

    You should peruse my website and you’ll find that it is very much more convincing than that in the case of Gerry Adams.

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    It is interesting to note in Danny Morrison’s defense on his blog of gerry adams…that Danny does not allow any comments on this article. So, danny has become like gerry adams allowing NO discussion of their words. he has spoken from the mount and all must silently sit and accept what they say as the truth. It is also interesting to note that even though danny got the words wrong to the song…the song had been written and the movie was out in the thearters.
    Both danny’s defense of gerry wihout any discussion speaks volumes of the man….and I don’t think much of him or his lecutre.
    Gerry Adams is the leader of sinn fein and as such…should speak the truth…and if he remembered incorrectly at least be man enough to state that he recounted it wrong.
    I do not believe Gerry adams any more and I don’t respect danny anymore….how sad and low they have fallen.

  • Jimmy Sands

    It’s all very puzzling. His autobiographical accounts are normally so reliable.

  • abu nicola

    peruse my website

    Sorry, John. I don’t do superstition, pseudoscience or shite.

  • cynic

    Gerry Adams is the leader of sinn fein and as such…should speak the truth


    Oh please …let’s get real…..

    1 he’s a politician
    2 he’s the leader of SF

  • yawn

    Kathy C

    1. Use a spellchecker

    2. Exactly what difference does it make that you “do not believe Gerry adams any more and I don’t respect danny anymore”? You are not represented by the man, nor do you even live on the same continent. We have to put up with his sh*te day in day out – you don’t. Every single comment which you’ve made has resembled a childish tirade. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of witnessing you making a coherent point. Although in fairness your “Gerry Adams said he respected the Methodist Church but represents an overwhelmingly Catholic constitutency and therefore should resign” rant was priceless.

    [i]danny has become like gerry adams allowing NO discussion of their words[/i]

    So exactly how did you manage to comment on the men just hours ago?

  • John

    John O’Connell:

    I thought it was discovered that the supposed number of the devil was actually 616 and not 666. What say ye to that?

    Is Gerry going to be revalued?

  • John O’Connell

    I thought it was discovered that the supposed number of the devil was actually 616 and not 666. What say ye to that?

    I quote:- Revelation was actually a thinly disguised political tract, with the names of those being criticized changed to numbers to protect the authors and early Christians from reprisals. “It’s a very political document,” Dr. Aitken said. “It’s a critique of the politics and society of the Roman empire, but it’s written in coded language and riddles.”

    It happens to fit pretty well into our sphere of politics. see http://johnoconnell.org/Revelation.htm

    So don’t be complicating matters with nonsense about the number of an old piece of near dust suggesting that it should be 616. God would have told me anyhows.

  • abu nicola

    Thessalonians 2:11-12 (King James Version)

    And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

    Shorter OED:

    Delusion: Anything that deceives the mind with a false impression; a fixed false impression with regard to objective things, esp. as a form of mental derangement.

    The Defence rests your Honour.

  • John O’Connell

    abu nicola

    And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

    The lie referred to is the lie that the antichrist is God. The antichrist apparently is prophesied to claim he is God.

    Gerry Adams fulfilled another prophecy during the run-up to the 2007 Assembly election campaign in the North of Ireland. This involved him requesting the use of Clonard Monastery (Roman Catholic) church in West Belfast for a political meeting discussing his party’s policy. He still believed that armed struggle was a legitimate means of resolving differences.

    When Gerry Adams took to the altar of Clonard monastery while his beliefs were in conflict with Christ’s teaching, he was proclaiming himself to be wiser than God and better than Jesus Christ. He was in logic proclaiming himself to be God.

    “[The man of lawlessness or the Antichrist] will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshipped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.” (2 Thes 2:3-4)

    I think the jury is still out, my little friend.

  • abu nicola

    the jury is still out

    Not decided then. Starting to show some doubt, me lad?

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy C

    Cynic, Yes, Gerry is a politican and so is Hillary Clinton and the article above shows how a politican Hillary had to correct a statement she made that was not totally acurate.

    Yawn, regarding Danny- his blog is closed to comments. As a writer with a blog…especially one that he is using to defend gerry adams…one has to question why he refuses to let people discuss his words and article. That is how he is like gerry…both preach from the mount. Yes, I do not live in gerry’s area and he does not represent me…he also doesn’t represent those in the south that he wants to vote for his party. He also doesn’t represent Americans yet feels quite at home to come here and ask me for money.There is a saying…he who pays…has a say….I’ve paid…I get to say!

  • Big Maggie

    I love Slugger O’Toole. It’s commenters like John O’Connell who make this place such value for money :^)

  • abu nicola

    value for money

    Now now, Big Maggie.
    Since the site is free I guess you are saying that someone is worthless.
    Hmm, come to think of it….

  • John O’Connell

    abu nicola

    Not decided then. Starting to show some doubt, me lad?

    I have no doubt but the jury is still out and still seems to want more information.

    Big Maggie

    It’s commenters like John O’Connell who make this place such value for money

    Shuks. Thank you.

  • yaaaaaawwwwnnn

    posted by yaaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnnnnn

    Kathy C

    [i]one has to question why he refuses to let people discuss his words and article.[/i]

    So how were you able to discuss his words and articles at 2126, 11 August 2009? I don’t seem to remember him coming on to Slugger and preventing you from giving us another dose of your ill-informed, vacuous nonsense. How [i]exactly[/i] is he refusing to let people “discuss his words and article”? I think he gave up his armalite a long time ago.

    [i]There is a saying…[/i]

    There’s a saying round these parts as well. It goes something like this:

    “stop talking shite”

    If you don’t think that you’re getting value for money then don’t contribute. End of. It’s a completely different story for those of us on this island who, even if we may not be directly represented by Adams, are affected by his actions and words, north and south.

    Also, how did he manage to force the Yanks to contribute their dollars? Did he put a gun to their head? Thought not. Once again, if you don’t like what you’re getting in return for your money then stop cotnributing or give to someone else – I’m sure the lovely people at eirigi, RSF or even the TUV would love your money if you’d like to sit back from the comfort of your American living room and watch us kick the shit out of each other here on this island once again.

  • Big Maggie

    abu nicola,

    “Since the site is free I guess you are saying that someone is worthless.”

    Guilty! I’ll come quietly….

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy C

    Yawn, wow..you seemed to be all worked up over what I’ve had to say. It is gerry adams who comes to America asking for money. It is gerry adams who comes to america ASKING for ideas about how to united the counties of Ireland. If I give them to gerry and/or others including people who read this site…why does your anger bubble up against me? It seems like you are following the sinn fein leaders mantra of attacking anyone’s especially my credibility if I say anything or question gerry adams or martin mcguiness…again that is the tactic they allowed the british agent who was operating within the inner circle of gerry adams and martin mcguiness. Yes, it was the british spy donaldson strategy ergo the strategy of the british intelligence agency to attack Americans who had the nerve to question adams and mcguiness..and here you are using donaldson’s model….what does that say about you and your motives? What does that say about who YOU support.
    Also, regarding danny morrison…I find it arogant when a writer has a blog then on his blog prohibits people from discussing what he has written and by having the comment section CLOSED.
    Writers usually love people discussing their works but oddly danny morrison defending gerry adams prohibits his site from discussing his work.
    I respect Breandan Maccionnaith with his bravery standing up to the british empire at garahvy road. With his leaving sinn fein and joining Eirigi…I did some research into the group. They state they are pursuing non violent means. For you to infer otherwise is the stragegy of sinn fein who keep saying Eirigi want to return to the violence of the past. It is a political ploy of sinn fein trying to paint their political opponants as terrorist.
    Yawn, I put my comments on this blog under my name…which is risky….why don’t you come out from behind your cover and give us your name if you feel so strongly about following the strategy of british spy donaldson.

  • Big Maggie


    “I respect Breandan Maccionnaith with his bravery standing up to the british empire”

    Wow, that’s more than a touch of hyperbole! British Empire! But full marks for not calling him Brendan McKenna as his pissed-off detractors do. Childish or what?

    I think I’m with you on Éirígí and I too wonder whether Sinn Féin regard them as the Republicans of the future, who may eventually eclipse all the others. Certainly their policy of non-violent protest strikes a chord in this woman’s heart.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy C

    Big Maggie, I don’t think it’s a hyperbole at all to say that Breandan Maccionnaith stood up to the british empire. Look what happened back in 1997 when he and the residents of Garvahy Road again said they didn’t want the orange order to march down their street. 1,500 british soldiers went to the area and sealed off the Catholic section and with the protection and might of the british military…the orange order was allowed to march in the Catholic area.
    The british military take an oath to the british monarch who by law can not be Catholic or marry a Catholic. The orange order is an organization that has taken an oath to be loyal to british monarch and also, like the monarch, must not be married to a Catholic and must stand against popery (Catholics). Now when I see a man and residence stand up to all this…yes, I can say he stood up to the might of the british empire…he and they stood up to all that is the british monarchy and the orange order.
    I view the colonist who stood up to the british empire at Lexington and Concord Massachusetts back in 1775 as patriots and brave men. They said to the british army they could not march down the road to Concord (to seize the colonist weapons). The Colonist of Lexington lost the battle…many were killed and shot by the british…yet they stood up and said…don’t march down this road. They might have lost the battle…the battle of Lexington which started the American Revolution…but the colonist won the war.
    Breandan and the residents did not know how the day or years would end…but they have stood up to the british empire…the british gov’t…the british military…the orange order and said…NO we don’t want you marching down our road….I don’t think it is an overstatment to say they have stood up to the british empire.
    I do appreciate your comments and agree with you that sinn fein is nervous about Eirigi rising as a political entity. Also that you recoginize Eirigi is non-violent.

  • Big Maggie

    Kathy C,

    I know where you’re coming from re the British Empire, and no doubt the brave Breandán would be chuffed to read that he’d challenged such a behemoth and won :^)

    But really, I don’t think we can call it that any more, just as we no longer speak of the USSR or the Japanese Empire. Mind you, technically speaking Japan, having as it does an Emperor, is in fact an empire.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi Big Maggie,

    Whatever word you want to use still has the reality of Breandan and residents of Garvahy road standing up to the british military…. The world marvelled when the man stood in front of the tank in China’s Tiananmen Square….. I see the similiarity of Breandan and the residents doing the same thing. ..however due to the fact they stood up to the british…the world wasn’t as impressed…not because the british military was a second rate military power (it is still a big boy on the block with nuclear weapons and a permenant member of the UN Security Council)but because the world on the whole won’t say much in terms of negativity about the queens gov’t. Have enjoyed speaking with you.

  • Big Maggie

    Kathy C,

    “Have enjoyed speaking with you.”