Flash mob go for softly-softly approach…

CUSTOM House Square in Belfast city centre was the venue for this rather surreal pillow fight on Saturday afternoon.

  • I was there at 1pm when Duke Special was busking to promote his Dukebox gig at Belsonic. Busy Saturday obviously.

  • OC

    Twenty thousand grandma’s
    Waving their hankies in the air.
    All burning up their pensions
    And shouting, “It’s not fair!”
    There’s a regiment of soldiers
    Standing looking on.
    And the queen is bravely shouting,
    “What the Hell is going on?”

    Jigsaw Puzzle, Beggar’s Banquet, Rolling Stones 1968

    In the U.S., the Dems are going crazy over recent meetings between legislators and constituents re health care reform.

    Seems that the taxpayers are quite vocally criticising Obama’s Plan (9 from Outer Space).

    Dem leader Nancy Pelosi declares those so stridently opposed are un-American.

    I sure didn’t hear her complaining about the protestors in Iran recently.

    She, and others, indignantly declare that the disruptions are “orchestrated”.

    Even if true, I guess she believes that flash-mobs are only to be used to support liberal-left agendas.

    What’s Twitter for the goose, is Twitter for the gander, IMO.

    I’m just glad that Obama decided to pursue his health care agenda BEFORE his illegal alien amnesty agenda.

    Now, he’s got a whole lot of people riled up. The health care reform debacle has become a metaphor for voter discontent.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    What a bunch of pricks!