“a well-planned operation to shield the men from the media”

Sinn Féin TD Martin Ferris (centre)The Irish Times today recounts, with additional photos, how sitting Sinn Féin TD Martin Ferris helped Pearse McAuley and Kevin Walsh, two of those convicted of killing Detective Garda Jerry McCabe, evade the attentions of the press on their release from prison yesterday. Photo: Julien Behal/PA. From the Irish Times report

As their van left the prison it was followed off the campus by two armed detectives in an unmarked Garda car and a number of vehicles driven by journalists. The van drove on to the main road in the direction of Dublin for about two miles before turning left on to a minor road. After a short distance the van came to a halt in the middle of the road under a small railway bridge. A car had been parked in advance at the far side of the bridge, into which McCauley and Walsh quickly switched. As their vehicle drove off the van carrying Martin Ferris parked in the middle of the road under the railway bridge preventing the media from following McCauley and Walsh’s car. When the van carrying Martin Ferris eventually pulled off it drove very slowly, allowing McCauley and Walsh’s car more time to lose the following media. At a crossroads about five miles from the railway bridge the van carrying Mr Ferris turned left back towards the town of Castlerea.

Adds Irish Examiner report.

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  • Sammy

    Big deal-nobody is obliged to put in a media appearance. What exactly is the story?
    The waiting Media did not get the pics they wanted so what?

  • Brit

    Yes but why’s Bob Hoskins driving the van?

  • bootman

    good stuff

  • Rory Carr

    With practically everyone down on the paparazzi these days including the newspapers who employ their talents (that’s not a contradiction – it’s merely another example of the lying duplicity of the press) we must take our hats off to the only man courageous enough to publicly defend the activities of those that the rest of society considers as scummy bottom-feeders.

    Step forward then, Pete Baker, unrecognised champion of the underdog, unsung hero of the maligned and unjustly oppressed.

    Who’da thought it?

  • fergananim

    The last time a TD had anything to do with convicted murders he lost his seat. Perhaps Martin Ferris no longer cares? Another nail in the coffin for SF in government in Ireland anytime soon.

  • cynic

    Would SF actually be ashamed? Ashamed at a SF TD helping Garda-killers who they claim were convicted after carrying out an ‘unauthorised robbery’ – which beggars the question of which robberies were authorised and by whom.

    Sure didnt Gerry tell us that Republicans could never be criminals?

    Anyway after the McCartney case why do we need further evidence at how good the Shinners are at helping murderers escape attention

  • Jim

    What is the point of this thread?

    Who cares how these men left the jail.

  • Fergananim

    Jim – we care because of the way those men came to be in jail. But perhaps you do not support your country.

  • John

    A text book military operation ?
    or A text book …. operation ?

  • Slugger o fool

    the mccartney`s again…

    the only family to suffer in Ireland!!!!!!

  • Fergananim

    o fool – Hardly, but they sure are a good example. Or do you think their case matters less because it is only one of thousands?

  • A haunted looking Gerry Adams expresses his ‘regret’ and the Irish Times describes the ‘penal’ conditions in Castlerea:

    The men were jailed briefly in the maximum security Portlaoise Prison before being transferred to Castlerea, where they lived in houses in a relaxed regime rather than among the general prison population in cells.

    In the other IT photo in Pete’s link the two gentlemen departing look like – bankers 😉

  • Greenflag

    I’d guess that parking deliberately in the middle of a road under a railway bridge could be an offence under the traffic act ?

    Will Mr Ferris face charges of obstructing traffic ? Or could there be a case for self defence against the ‘paparazzi’

    The non story will continue until another non story presents itself .

  • Greenflag

    Nevin ,

    ‘In the other IT photo in Pete’s link the two gentlemen departing look like – bankers ;)’

    I’m reminded of the two oul Dublin biddies at a wake for a neighbour who died while on holiday in Spain , having first ensured he lay long enough under Great Sol to brandish a decent enough tan prior to his demise . Looking down at the man stretched out dead on the wake table the one biddie says ‘Ah shure doesn’t he look grand with the tan an all’

    And biddie number two replied .

    ‘Shure did’nt that holiday in Spain do him the world of good ‘

    10 years in jail seems to do some people a ‘world ‘ of good ;? Perhaps jail conditions need to be disimproved – otherwise a spell in jail will soon be considered like a late 19th century 6 month stretch at a European spa and thus will attract a vast new clientele of a health obsessed new criminal class i.e bankers , politicians , lawyers , insurance and mortgage brokers , human kidney money laundering rabbis , protestant minister embezzlers, catholic priest child molesters and crooked accountants . Maybe there’s worse out there than sociopathic murderers eh ?

  • fin

    About a week ago a British minister mummbled a half apology about possible regret about what might have been the murder of a young man walking to a GAA game by a British soldier whose testimony has been discounted as the least likely story. The ministers mumbling was quickly followed by a DUP MP starting that no member of the security forces should ever be considered guilty.

    Of course the soldier involved had all charges dropped and quietly left the army on a medical discharge, which I presume meant he was entitled to an army pension.

    Drop the mock outrage lads, you all look stupid

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Given they slipped the somewhat tighter leash of Brixton this must have been a cinch and the ‘lads’ may be less camera shy at the proposed movie premiere at Cannes.

    p.s. Touch of Father Ted and the milk float about that photo.

  • cynic

    “the only family to suffer in Ireland!!!!!!”

    Sadly not – just one out of 3500 in campaign started by murderous thugs seeking political power at gunpoint

  • cynic

    Isnt it interesting how many of thsoe bloggers who normally post here from a republican background / view are leaping to the defence of those associating themsleves with armed robbers who murdered an Irish policeman.

    Its almost a Pavlovian reaction.

    Old habits die hard guys …. and you ask why Unionst worry about devolving P&J powers

    Let’s see what the DUPs make of this in due course.

    Does this suggest that SF are fit to be part of an administration where Justice is devolved? Does it build trust and confidence that they have left the past behind?

  • Mayoman

    Cynic: “Sadly not – just one out of 3500 in campaign started by murderous thugs seeking political power at gunpoint.”

    Yes, damn those 1912 UVF antidemoocratic thugs. Just one thing though, Cynic, these thugs caused a few more than 3500 deaths, do keep up!

  • Sean

    17.“the only family to suffer in Ireland!!!!!!”

    Sadly not – just one out of 3500 in campaign started by murderous thugs seeking political power at gunpoint

    Posted by cynic on Aug 06, 2009 @ 02:30 PM

    Yes a very apt description of the unionists that started the campaign of violence

  • Sean


    What part of justice did SF subvert? It wasn’t justice they impeded it was the press corps. Which I believe is legal, perfectly with in their rights

  • slugger o fool

    I think the mccartneys are hypocrites…

    they allegedly supported PSF and their associated group before the worm turned…

  • Greenflag, I was just wondering if Martin has got THAT goat – or the Queen of Puck – in the back of the van 😉

  • sinless

    The two Provo heroes will be enjoying some tail tonight. Spare a thought for the RIRA/CIRA guys still inside. The Provos are not sparing any. Ironic when they courted soft republicans nad others on behalf of the H Block lot.

    I guess these two heroes will get feted about for a few weeks, get bought a few pints and then will be let fade into paupery and oblivion.

    Prisoners are often quite fit as there is not much else to do.

  • the joxer

    ‘Sadly not – just one out of 3500 in campaign started by murderous thugs seeking political power at gunpoint’

    Is that the UVF you’re referring to after the 1966 Malvern Street murders?

    Then again, probably not, knowing your warped sectarian mindset.

  • fin

    Sadly not – just one out of 3500 in campaign started by murderous thugs seeking political power at gunpoint

    Cynic, I think alot of those 3,500 where murdered by the thugs who wanted to cling to power.

    So every conflict boils down to at least two sets of murderous thugs, you choose your set of murderous thugs to support and off you go. Some idiots try to claim that their murderous thugs are actually good people, others claim to support no murderous thugs (but do) so whats your point Cynic, are your set of murderous thugs superior to the others,

  • Neil

    Isnt it interesting how many of thsoe bloggers who normally post here from a republican background / view are leaping to the defence of those associating themsleves with armed robbers who murdered an Irish policeman.

    Its almost a Pavlovian reaction.

    Almost as pavlovian as the Unionist responses to the Army shooting innocent people dead, or the closure of PSNI stations which the PSNI themselves no longer use and don’t want to pay to maintain. I’m not actually disagreeing with you, there’s a lot of Pavlovian responses about this place, just pointing out that it’s not the preserve of Nationalism alone.

  • Brit

    “Spare a thought for the RIRA/CIRA guys still inside”

    No thanks

  • dunreavynomore

    “the only family to suffer in Ireland!!!!!!”

    Ah no, Slugger O Fool, we could mention the family of Paul Quinn and the family of Charlie Armstrong in sth Armagh and neither of them ‘allegedly’ or otherwise “supported PSF and their associated group before the worm turned…” I could add to the list if you wish.

  • The two lads as portrayed in the second Irish Times photo reminded me of a couple of squadies going on leave or being demobbed, but then again, that is exactly what they are.

  • John East Belfast

    “Non Story” ?

    This should be a massive story and if the ROI has any self respect it should be the final nail in the SF coffin – and good riddance.

    Elected officials of a so called democratic party standing shoulder to shoulder with two convicted criminals who’s criminal robbery of state money led to the death of a state policeman in the very state to which that party aspires to High Office.

    Come off it – how gullible do they think the ROI electorate is ?

  • sinless

    De Examiner said the two heroes were members of the Munster IRA, led by the slapper’s ol’ fella.

    Ferris is a TD who was arrested smuggling in enough ordnance to launch a small war. He is suspected of involvement in the demise of John Corcoran and many other unsavoury things. Any flak on this won’t stick. Nothing does to those who are “sorry”.

  • Mayoman

    JEB: prob as gullible as those that vote for gunrunner with a criminal record to be 1st minister.

  • John East Belfast


    Do you mean Deputy First Minister ?

  • RepublicanStones

    Just a thought….these guys were in the PIRA and correct me if im wrong but 10 years before they murdered Garda McCabe, Sinn Fein recognised the Dáil, ergo all the state agencies and laws stipulated therein. So accordingly they were rightly locked up. Having said that, McCabes widow is on record (if i remember correctly) as saying she realises the killers of her husband will one day walk free, this is the price she must pay for the peace in the north. Very noble of her. I for one, wouldn’t care if these guys were still in prison.

  • fin

    “convicted criminals” ah John the auld unionist catch all comment. We don’t put our murders on trial, hence they are not criminals therefore it is ok for me to support them, however, we do bang up as many of your lot as we can, therefore they are convicted criminals and hence you and them are bad.

    John the testimony of the soldier who pulled the trigger on Aidan McAnespie has been rubbished, the govt has mumbled a half apology 20 years later, no conviction, no sentence, not even a court case. Instead a ‘medical discharge’ and a pension.

    Ah the auld ‘convicted criminal’ line you can’t beat it.

  • Mayoman

    I know JEB, it is very hard to tell them apart given their past histories with violent organisations. I’ll leave it for you to work out.

  • John East Belfast


    “Ah the auld ‘convicted criminal’ line you can’t beat it. ”

    You cant – especially when it is true.


    You are stretching “Whataboutery” to the point of plasticity.
    Anyhow you better be careful about libel laws.

    There is no point trying to justify the unjustifiable.

    My view on this – for what it is worth – is Ferris giving the two fingers to SF Leadership.

    But either way they are clearly not fit for Government – the southern electorate know that already and if the SDLP were any kind of decent opposition the northern one would too.

  • Greenflag

    Nevin ,

    “He is a very nice goat, a beautiful goat. I have never seen one like him.”

    So at least there’s a good looking goat in Antrim 😉 There’s hope yet for you :).

    And so in honour of the goat what else but the Goat Song of Dromore (Kerry) An Puc ar Buile (UHN PUCK AIR BWILLEH) in the local Irish with English translation below for those without .

    ‘As I set out for Dromore town
    Pike in hand to go a-workin’
    Who did I meet on the hillside
    But a tan puck goat stone mad for scrappin’

    Aillilú etc

    He chased me through the hedges and ditches
    Around the bog in frenzy runnin’
    But when his horns got caught up in gorse
    I leapt on his back despite his buckin’

    Aillilú etc

    There were no rocks or gaps between
    He didn’t jump the puc ar buille
    And me hangin’ on to save me life
    When he jumped off the Faille Brice

    Aillilú etc

    The garda sergeant at Rochestown
    Called all his forces to surround us
    But the goat stuck both horns suas his hón(up his arse)
    And gobbled up his brand new trousers

    Aillilú etc

    In Dingle Town the next afternoon
    The parish priest addressed the meeting
    And swore it was The Devil himself
    He’d seen ridin’ on the puc ar buille.”

  • Greenflag

    JEB ,

    ‘and if the SDLP were any kind of decent opposition the northern one would too. ‘

    Unionism had it’s chance with the SDLP but instead of reaching out or even back to the SDLP they instead pissed all over them (the SDLP ) Which is why the nationalists turned to SF.

    Simple really perhaps too simple for the political geniuses on the unionist side of the political fence to comprehend .

    But hey what’s new ?

    SF better watch they don’t make the same mistakes that the SDLP made 🙁

  • Greenflag

    JEB ,

    ‘But either way they are clearly not fit for Government ‘

    So who is ?

    Frankly I haven’t been impressed by any of them but what else can you expect ? Anyway Westminster rules and the Assembly is just a Potemkin front ;)? A third of the House of Commons is now being hounded (outed for nefarious financial misbehaviours ) into premature political retirement while in the USA yet another Congressman has been indicted on 11 of 15 counts of racketeering among other crimes ? We’ll not mention the Italian Prime Minister and his all powerful control of the Italian TV media which keeps Italians blissfully unaware of their leader’s indiscretions . Berlusconi is of course a man of ‘family values ‘ apparently almost up make that down to British Conservative standards!

    Beside the above lot SF politicians seem like a model of good clean Christian/Catholic living apart of course from their record in the shooting war . But then war changes people everywhere . Best to avoid it if at all possible . Obviously in Northern Ireland for multiple reasons it was not possible .

  • Mayoman

    Thanks for the warning on libel laws, JEB. I know its a subject that touches a very raw nerve. There’s a book called “Crimes of Loyalty — A History of the UDA” that documents the involvement of a certain Ulster Resistance in a Belfast Dock gunrunning exercise. I will say no more than you and I both know who were members of Ulster Resistance. But of course, even though you know this, its a totally different ‘type’ of gunrunning when its done by one of yours, hey? What sort of guns do you think they were JEB? Spud guns?

    Funny how exposing the hypocrisy of someone castigating one set of voters, when others do exactly the same thing, is called ‘whataboutery’. The more I am on this site, the more I believe that that is all the hypocrisy of unionism has left — a snide recourse to the vacuous term of ‘whataboutery’.

  • fin

    “Ah the auld ‘convicted criminal’ line you can’t beat it. “

    You cant – especially when it is true.

    Indeed John, and your thoughts on Aidan McAnespie’s murderer?

  • Greenflag

    mayoman ,

    ”a snide recourse to the vacuous term of ‘whataboutery’. ‘

    That plus 6 billion a year subvention and that’s all that ‘unionism ‘needs’ to persuade SF voters to vote SDLP ;)?.

    Always remember nuffin would have happened and NI would have stayed like it was in the 1960’s if only them boyos in SF sorry SDLP sorry CRA could have just lain down on the road peaceful like and let the Loyalists and Orangemen bate seven tons of shite out of them and then turned over the other cheek for another seven :(.

    Sometimes regrettably one has to give certain people a proper kick in the bollocks to wake up their brain 🙁

    Apologies for the language but I’m getting ready to undergo the perils of air travel to foreign parts 😉

  • Granter

    ‘Saladdressingman’ and ‘the end’ two fine examples of the Republicans continuing attempts to rewrite history.

    Sure the buoys were soldiers fighting a war, no bloody muliple murder, no back-shooting of the lone worker, no planting the bomb under the school-run car for them, all just clean honest fighting out on the battlefield proudly wearing the uniform of the Risen Nation.

    All so much pish, but hey, let them have their fantasy history. Meanwhile in the real world we should try to keep a straight face when they go off on one of their strange stampy-walk sunglasses and beret outings to say thanks to the ‘troops’.

  • Archie Purple

    And another photograph hidden from the media since 1972….our Deputy First Minister indulging in target practice….see tonight’s [Thursday] Belfast Telegraph or visit http://www.victims.org.uk to view Marty and the Luger pistol!!!

  • cynic


    So PIRAs campaign was a response to Malvern Street?

    My position here is clear in multiple posts over many months. All the killing was wrong. What has been clear on here today has been the narrow bigoted sectarian response to what happened in the republic.

    Great! “Our guys” got out early!

    Yet yesterday we have the hypocracy of one SF member in the South smuggling cop killers released early out of gaol past the media while in Belfast another claimed that the Public Prosecution Service is corrupt because a Court didnt sentence other killers to a long enough sentence.

    Now didnt he often tell us that there should be no hierarchy of victims – but now it seems that Belfast Greengrocers rate higher that Irish police officers?

    And I do think that Harry Hill’s killers’ senstences are a joke. Just as so many others in the NI Courts are rediculously short for the crimes they have committed. But when you have let so many killers out early, what’s one or two more Gerry?

  • Hogan

    “What part of justice did SF subvert? It wasn’t justice they impeded it was the press corps. Which I believe is legal, perfectly with in their rights”

    Impeding media in a free society while technically may be legal, is nonetheless highly un-ethical.

    Why stop there? Fuck it, lets pretend we’re in a socialist banana republic (oh the irony) and ‘off’ any pesky journalist we don’t like…

    Don’t choke on the rule book everyone else has been playing by in modern democracy for the last century there lads…

    SF have played on their legacy of armani terrorists/peace processors as a sexy USP for years. Their dogma has placed them in this bind having (unsuccessfully)tried to bully the Irish Government for years into releasing these nice lads who gunned down two Gardai in various peaceprocessing hot-housing.

    They’re embarrassed that in these days when Gerry was supposed to be picking the new wallpaper for Áras an Uachtaráin the last remnant of their murdering… oops sorry… manslaughtering scum have crawled out of Portloaise to slither back under the rock from which they came.

  • fin

    Ah Archie, how did I know you were a wee willie fan, any update on his attempted kidnapping by 60 republicans in a dozen vans while he was accompanied by a photographer story, of which he gave the RUC all the details including license plates, fuckin love your heroes Archie, they’re Whackie

  • fin

    Arhie, one word for your mate Willie ‘spellchecker’

  • CW

    It must be a bird watchers outing as Bill Oddie from “The Goodies” is in the middle.

    It makes a change from riding a triple-seater bicycle with Tim Brooke-Taylor and Graeme Garden.

    Altogether now:

    “Goodies…goody goody ym yum…”

    OK, anyone under 35 just won’t get this…but it’s worth a try…

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    …and spot the Northern bank notes on the right of the windscreen.

  • McGrath

    …and spot the Northern bank notes on the right of the windscreen.

    Posted by Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit on Aug 07, 2009 @ 12:23 AM

    FFS Sammy, now thats funny right there.

    Maybe they can move into Dennis Donaldsons old house in Donegal?

  • The electorate in the South view SF with distaste. From their association with terrorism to their marxist/socialist economic claptrap, it’s no wonder their support is miniscule. Now they escort a police killer from jail and refuse to apologise to his family?

    Whatever role they provide in the North in maintaining a rickety peace, down South they’re completely irrelevant (thankfully) and we’re fortunate that the graves they’re digging are, for the most part, their own.

  • McGrath

    Posted by Exile1 on Aug 07, 2009 @ 04:38 AM

    So how did these ROI SF TDs get voted in? Honest question!

  • Dave

    The same way that the BNP got elected. Every democracy can be relied upon to elect a few oddballs in selected areas.

  • Troll boy

    [i]The same way that the BNP got elected.[/i]

    Are you suggesting that the people of Kerry North, Cavan-Monaghan etc. are also extremely unhappy with uncontrolled, mass immigration and the rising tide of Islamofascism quietly sweeping Europe?

  • Brit

    No BNP MPs in the House of Commons, and no realistic prospect of any in the next election- although I guess that is a function of our FPTP system rather than the complete absence of illiberal racist voters (given that they got significant numbers of votes in the Euro elections)

    Immigration is not uncontrolled and not sure what you mean by “mass” but from my personal experience in London I have not seen any problems associated with immigration. The most noticeable change is the big influx of Poles, but last time I looked they werent Muslims.

    As to Islamofacism (I’d prefer the terms Islamisim or Jihadism) its not just sweeping Europe its found accross the globe and we’ve seen attacks in the USA, Latin America, Europe, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, north Africa, Indonesia, Israel, Pakistan, India, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi. The main victims are muslims outside of Europe and the fight against Islamism will need to involved an alliance with muslims, and non-Europeans.

    Voting for that bunch of racist thugs in suits is not going to help in any way.

  • DC

    It’s the Geriatric A-Team.

  • Brit

    Howling Mad Murphy ;o)

  • Republican Stones

    Your page 2 no 10 post makes an interesting point, I wonder how those who sent these men out squared that particular circle, as by their own rule book they were sending these volunteers out on an illegal act.

  • milo

    They look like three fellas off on a job. By job I mean laying flags (the concrete type) or pebble-dashing an out-house. The little mirror decoration is interesting, shouldn’t that be an O’Neill’s ball? Glad to see the tax is paid up if nothing else.

  • sinless


    Further splits in the once unstoppable Provo juggarnaut. Good we can all laugh at Skin the Goat Ferris. No sign of the story in the Indo, indicating it is already fading.

  • sinless

    Ronnie Biggs is also out. Maybe Skin the Goat should give him a Kerry holiday too.

  • sinless


    Should Ronnie Biggs be released thread. What are the odds Skin the Goat tops the poll? Wonder if FG will set the grieving widow on him?

  • Dave

    Troll boy, the BNP haven’t murdered anybody to advance their agenda, so I was perhaps being a bit unfair to the BNP by comparing them to the Shinners in stating that “democracy can be relied upon to elect a few oddballs in selected areas.”

  • Pigeon Toes

    “It must be a bird watchers outing as Bill Oddie from “The Goodies” is in the middle.”

    DCI Tom Barnaby in the Driving Seat?


  • Greenflag


    ‘The electorate in the South view SF with distaste.’

    Wrong perception . The electorate in the South have so many other choices and have been voting FF, FG, Labour , etc and other parties for several generations . SF contesting elections in the South is a fairly recent phenomenon.
    They are seen as a quasi marxist ultra nationalist party and that’s why they get about 8% of the vote mostly from the working class disadvantaged areas and from a small number of republican 32 county ideologues .

    In Northern Ireland it’s very different . Irish Nationalists don’t have much of a choice . It’s either the party that has been pissed on by Unionists for a generation or more i.e the SDLP or the party that can conceivably win enough seats to elect the next FM of NI i.e Sinn Fein .

    I don’t agree with their politics and I’d not have lost a wink of sleep if the released prisoners had been dragged back to jail and hanged but that’s not the way the ‘law ‘ works is it ?

    I seem to recall Unionists being very strong on the ‘law ‘ but then that may have just been strong on ‘their ‘ law 🙁

  • oldruss

    Not to put too fine a point on this, but McAuley and Walsh were both convicted of manslaughter, not murder; and both served their full ten and one-half year prison sentences. Their releases were not the result of a commuted sentence, nor the result of the GFA. Under the law, they served their time, and were entitled to release, without condition.

  • CW

    “DCI Tom Barnaby in the Driving Seat?


    Posted by Pigeon Toes on Aug 07, 2009 @ 05:23 PM”

    If that’s the case, Pigeon Toes, then Bergerac has fairly let himself go and piled on the pounds since leaving Jersey for Midsomer, the county with the highest murder rate in England.

  • Oh my God!

    You just can’t help yourself Pete Baker! There you go ahain, deliberately censoring free speech and closing down a thread for commenting because some people had the audacity to ridicule and criticise John O’Connell’s views. Seriously, where were you trained? Tehran? Harare? Beijing?

    The sound of silence is absolutely deafening.

  • fin

    go on pigeon toes sock it to him, you’re no-one’s puppet

  • cynic

    “the party that has been pissed on by Unionists for a generation ”

    Absoluteley right. The DUP have been pissing on SF for a much shortere time so that means SF must be much better than the SDLP.

    Political genius. You cast your vote according to how wet you get!

    But always remember that SF have made their career presenting themselves as the party always pissed on. They actually seem to like it. So if you vote for them it could be a steamy affair

  • cynic


    Thank you for reminding us that they only slaughtered him, not murdered him. It makes amajor difference.

  • Pigeon Toes

    “go on pigeon toes sock it to him, you’re no-one’s puppet”

    And whose hand is up your backside Fin, or as my dear old granny would say “did you pish on a nettle”?

  • fin

    ferry funny Pigeon Toes, I nevin heard that one before

  • Pigeon Toes

    Jesus, and a good wee boy versed in the proleraiat vernacular….

    Maith thu though on the puns…

  • Pigeon Toes

    i can nearly see fin, as well as nearly spell

  • oldruss


    Yes, there is a legal difference between murder and manslaughter, which was the point I was making earlier.

    Perhaps it doesn’t make any difference in the larger scope of things, and certainly it makes little if no difference to the family of the victim.

    There are questions which need to be answered, however. Should TD Martin Ferris be condemned because he helped drive McAuley and Walsh away after their release from prison?

    Does the IRA deserve condemnation for the attempted robbery and death of Garda McCabe?

    Does Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein deserve condemnation for the death of Garda McCabe?

    Garda McCabe’s death was but one of hundreds of tragedies in Ireland during the Troubles. The deliberate shooting, for example, of Gerard Lawlor and Gavin Brett, because they were Catholics, and for no other reason, were murder. Their families have yet to see their killers brought to justice. Who do we condemn for their deaths?

    Thirty-three people died in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings. Who do we condemn for their deaths?

    Kevin McDaid was murdered just this past May in Coleraine. Who do we condemn for his death?

    The list seems endless. The larger question must be, how can there be an end to it?

  • Tube

    “There are questions which need to be answered, however. Should TD Martin Ferris be condemned because he helped drive McAuley and Walsh away after their release from prison?

    Does the IRA deserve condemnation for the attempted robbery and death of Garda McCabe?

    Does Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein deserve condemnation for the death of Garda McCabe? ”

    Yes too all.You can’t even answer your own questions

  • ed

    i am a businessman and every single corporation I work for(including my own) develop strategies to defeat the media. It is a modern necesity

    By the way yeah I have been in the media even once the national media in my corporate role so its not just hypothetical

    no one owes the media a story they have to work for it same as any plumber or electrician

  • oldruss

    No, I didn’t offer answers to the questions in my post just above. I thought it fair to leave it to others to offer their own opinions. As a Yank, I’ve been told before how little mine are valued.

    I do note that you answered that you condemn TD Ferris, the IRA, and Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein. You did not, however, even mention, let alone condemn, those responsible for the Dublin and Monaghan bombings, and the murders of Gavin Brett, Gerard Lawlor, and Kevin McDaid, even though I had also asked whom we should condemn for those deaths.

    You seem to apply moral condemnation in a very narrow band, with only some deaths being found worthy of your attention. It is that kind of mindset which perpetuates the violence, IMHO.

  • John K Lund / Lllamedos / Suchard

    What a complete and utter waste of time.You all want to get a life.