Endeavour and ISS in transit

Endeavour ISS transitBoth Space Weather and, via the Professor, Wired.com point to the latest images from French astro-photographer Thierry Legault – whose photographs of the Space Shuttle Atlantis and Hubble transiting Sol were noted previously. This time it’s images of the 0.8 second long transit of the recently launched Space Shuttle Endeavour and the International Space Station. From Space Weather

Legault has taken many pictures of spaceships passing in front of the sun. When he stands beside the telescope at the moment of transit, listening to the camera click, there is no assurance of a good shot. “I never know if the ship will be visible or not, or if the seeing will give good or bad images. The discovery of the silhouette on the computer screen later is the moment I prefer and is a great pleasure.”

Larger image of the Endeavour/ISS transit. All photos by Thierry Legault.

ISS Endeavour transit

And in close-up.

Endeavour ISS transit