10 years of Chandra, and other [space] telescopic news

Spitzer's NGC 1097With all due respect to Mick [*ahem* – Ed]. The week may have started with the amateurs setting the pace, but there’s still time for some [space] telescopic news from the professionals. The Europeans are still fine-tuning Herschel after it’s first view and Planck’s twittering from Lagrange 2 and in Calibration and Performance Verification (CPV) Phase. Meanwhile, Nasa’s Spitzer Infrared Telescope is now warming up. But they’ve released this wondrous colour-coded image of spiral galaxy NGC 1097 [Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech – left, larger image here] – that’s a black hole, about 100 million times the mass of our sun, at the centre. Last, but not least, Nasa’s Chandra X-ray Observatory marked it’s 10th anniversary yesterday – the BBC has an excellent, but un-embeddable, audio slideshow. There’s also a Flash presentation – 10 years of Chandra – and a number of videos on Chandra’s YouTube channel.