Total Solar Eclipse 2009

Solar EclipseIf you’re an insomniac, or just in another time-zone, you can join the other half of the world witnessing the longest total solar eclipse we’re likely to see for the next few hundred years – approximately six minutes and 40 seconds at its maximum point. Nasa’s Solar Eclipse website has all the details you never knew you wanted, as well as a Google Map of the eclipse path. And the all important live webcast links. University of Dakota from China – starting at, I think, 00.14 UTC [1.14am BST]). Or LIVE! ECLIPSE 2009 covering China, Japan and the Republic of Kiribati [broadcasting from 1am to 5am BST]. Adds Via Space Weather, a Nasa press release points to the details of additional webcasts at the website of the San Francisco Exploratorium.A reminder of the scalding soup of charged particles we’re talking about.

Although, I think I still prefer this view of a solar eclipse.

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  • Rory Carr

    You might think that this is the only total solar eclipse that can be witnessed for the next few hundred years, Pete, but as we on this side of the whatchamacallit, that part of the planet where we don’t actually get to, like, witness it but instead sort of look at it on a screen like in a Will Smith or Tom Cruise movie, whatever, might make, like, better use of our zed’s time, man, by renting out that old timey movie A Yankee in King Arthur’s Court where Bing Crosby gets himself and his buddy, William Bendix, out of all sorts of trouble by using his almanac and a total solar eclipse to good effect in Merrie Englande of Olde.

    Plus, you get all sorts of real groovy songs, like this one:

  • Pete Baker

    Very good, Rory.

    But you might want to re-think your opening gambit.

    “You might think that this is the only total solar eclipse that can be witnessed for the next few hundred years”?!

  • I was in Bkk, Thailand this morning. And there was no chance for people here to see an eclipse because it was raining!!

  • Stephen Stills

    528 AD was not 528AD as the calendar using this notation was yet to be invented.

    (house? What a dreadful type of music)