Donaldson’s website is back!

Jeffrey Donaldson’s website is back! It looks remarkably similar to the old one, except the DUP logo has been replaced with a Parliamentary one and the invitation to buy a book is gone. Strange that.

  • 6countyprod

    So, what’s your point, Michael?

  • I am sorry, but this is insignificant compared to my English language scoop about – Pope beer!
    and also about how crap German TV is on Saturday nights:

    Bavaria and Munich tourist info and suggestions also available. Keep flying aer-lingus to Munich so that I don´t have an extra hour driver home from Dublin!

  • The curse of the blog, Michael 🙂

    Check out this jpg image on JD’s About Me webpage. Jeffrey and Nigel have left in ministries and Jim has left the party.

  • Simon Hamilton is still in a state of disarray. Apparently he hasn’t been making the news since April and his Page 3 pin-up isn’t exactly a stunner 🙂

    Mervyn Storey is on the move again. His new office will be open to customers tomorrow in Market Street, Ballymoney. Previously he was based in High Street and before that Charles Street.

  • Laughing (Tory) Unionist

    I hear that the wee man is soon to unleash a special XXX Fantasy section of his website: apparently, all you’ll need is, a credit card, verifiable proof you’re over 18 and a good broadband connection, and then you’ll be able to see every single Shiller election prediction you want.

  • Cynic2

    Wonder how much it cost?

  • Drumlins Rock

    ohh, interesting Web page, ok i know its funded by Westminister so it cant be used for Party Political purposes, but it barely mentions the DUP at all, and the “about me” page is most interesting, it goes into great depth listing his achievements in th UUP, and just adds a bit in at the end about the DUP, he has TWO pictures of Jim Molyneaux, and one of Jim ALLISTER, and Peter is in it too, is this the same page was on his old site Micheal?
    A very Jeffrey page keeping his options open it seems.

  • frustrated democrat

    What options exactly?

    Alliance or the TUV?

    That’s about it.

  • Drumlins Rock

    who knows with Jeffrey, he knows he is going nowhere in the DUP, Plaid Cymru maybe?

  • I recall a story told to me by a long time UUP member at that gathering where Martin Smyth challenged David Trimble’s leadership of the party. In a brief encounter in the toilets Jeffrey was asked, “Why didn’t you let your name go forward? You’d have won” to which he replied, “Sure there’ll always be another day”. Perhaps Jeffrey missed his day.

  • pith

    Is Donaldson the only person in the world who thinks that having worked for Enoch Powell is something he should be proud of?

  • drama king

    [i]Is Donaldson the only person in the world who thinks that having worked for Enoch Powell is something he should be proud of? [/i]

    No. Why shouldn’t he be proud of it? Powell was and is spot on.

  • Seceder

    “there’ll always be another day!” the fact is that Wee Jeffrey was nver able to call these things, at one UUC mmeting here went for the compromise when he was clearly winning and would have defeated trimble at another he was lossing refused the compromise and lost.

    Wee Jeffrey has no real political antennae and what he had has been removed by Robbo!

    Unless he does something quickly to make himself relevant again he will dissapear as a politician.

    THe revelations about his expenses, the blame he has taken for Dromore and the Euro elections have sidelined him, being replaced by whats his name – instantly rememberable – you know thon bloke from east Belfast Roger Newton – says it all.

    Wee Jeffrey’s day has come and clearly went – if he’s to relaunch himself he may yet need a leg up from the Tories!!

  • joeCanuck

    Nobody trusts a backstabber. Donaldson reached his pinnacle quite some time ago. He is destined to be one of (political) life’s losers. If we were allowed to play the man I would call him a puffed up idiot.

  • pith

    drama king: “Powell was and is spot on”.

    On what?

  • danielmoran

    joecanuck.. msg 14

    he must be waking up in a cold sweat these days, since he joined the duppers, it’s slowly sinking in with him that he is in the wrong place at the wrong time. it’s back to the store room, jeffrey. the game’s up.

  • AS Drumbo

    “he must be waking up in a cold sweat these days”,

    Why did the Dupes throw young Berry out, telling lies wasn’t it?

  • drama king

    [i]On what? [/i]

    The danagers of mass, uncontrolled immigration

  • pith

    On which the fool was patently wrong.

  • danielmoran

    seceder m13 ‘unless he does something quicklyto make himself relevant….’
    he could take up singing and go on the x factor, as his old alter ego daniel o’donnell, or put on a white suit and pretend to be marty hopkirk.