North/South Snips?

Irish Election has a number of posts on the detail of the McCarthy report, aka An Bord Snip. Full report here. [pdf file] Appendices [pdf file]. And RTE’s summary. Taoiseach Brian Cowen says the Irish government will consider the report. Meanwhile, a blog-sitting Martina Purdy spots a North/South dimension.

There’s a proposal to save 12 million Euros from the Tourism Marketing Fund which is administered by the cross-border body, Tourism Ireland. It seems this is a matter for the finance ministers is Belfast and Dublin, as well as the Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment and presumably also the Executive and the North South Ministerial Council. So it could be a while before there’s agreement on this….

The BBC report suggests there could be wider North/South cuts. Adds Cedar Lounge Revolution’s WorldbyStorm points to Progressive Economy for more posts. And Conall McDevitt adds his thoughts.