“I’m still a councillor..”

Strabane District Councillor, Gerard Foley, has resigned from Sinn Féin. There have been indictators of discontent among Sinn Féin representatives in Strabane before. Interestingly a report at that time, November 2007, describes Gerard Foley as “the leader of the [Sinn Féin] council grouping”. As with the resignation in Dublin, and in Wexford, the party wants their seat back.. From the BBC report.

In a statement the Sinn Fein group on Strabane District Council said they were “deeply disappointed and saddened at the announcement”. It continued: “While Gerard has not provided the party with any clear rationale for his decision we would nonetheless like to take this opportunity to thank him for his contribution both as a party activist and councillor, and wish him well for the future.” Through the statement the party said they would expect Mr Foley to “honour the Sinn Fein mandate he was elected upon by making way for a party co-option”.