Space Shuttle Mission STS-127 – redux

As long as lightning doesn’t strike twice, Space Shuttle Endeavour is expected to finally lift-off just after 7pm EDT tonight [12.13 am BST] – one month later than scheduled. Mission STS-127 will carry seven astronauts and the final components of Japan’s Kibo laboratory to the International Space Station. As usual there’s a launch blog as well as live coverage on NasaTV, and astronaut Mark Polansky is still twittering. Meanwhile, after a successful initial test observation, ESA’s Herschel infrared observatory has now achieved first light with all its instruments. Full story here. Update Further weather delay. New launch attempt Monday at 6:51 p.m EDT [11.51pm BST]. New Update Further weather intervention, 48-hour scrub for launch. New estimated launch Wednesday 6.03pm EDT [11.03pm BST]. [corrected time]