Eames begins to admit report’s errors?

Below I have posted a few thoughts on collective guilt following Rev Harold Miller’s comments. Miller himself of course made mention of what is fast becoming the central religious text of the collective guilt brigade: the Eames Bradley report. The high priest of collective guilt (the noble lord himself) once proudly pronounced at the start of the report “The Group has endeavoured to remain true to what has been said during the consultation. It will now be up to the Governments and the Executive to work with all of society to make the recommendations and vision of this report a reality.” Unfortunately Lord Eames found that contrary to the hubris of its statements on creating reconciliation, his report was rejected on almost all sides. Initially Lord Eames refused to accept that the payments was a mistake; subsequently he tried a bit of “moving on” from the issue and some self rehabilitation by trying to create a supposed context for the report. Now, however, he has finally begun to admit that the payments idea was a mistake; albeit trying to blame the Victims and Survivors Order legislation.
Whilst Eames may belatedly be beginning to realise the insulting folly of offering the survivors the financial equivalent of a Ford Focus and equating Thomas Begley and Lenny Murphy with Kathryn Eakin and Marie Wilson, he has not yet admitted to the intellectual and moral laziness and turpitude of much of the rest of his report. There is as yet no acceptance that creating a system which will provide an amnesty is unacceptable to the tenants of natural justice, to British and Irish law and to the overwhelming majority of people here. There is still no acceptance by the noble lord that wiping the criminals slates clean by accepting the Quigley Hamilton proposals is also unacceptable. Just to reiterate about Quigley Hamilton: these proposals would prevent anyone from refusing employment to murderers. However, the noble lord may have begun on a journey to understand just what a disaster his report was and remains. Hopefully the government will, following the consultation period drop the whole report where it belongs in the recycling bin (it would be immoral just to land fill that much paper).

  • T.Ruth

    Eames has upset .as has Harold Miller.many Cof I people. Both prelates have swallowed the Republican narrative so skilfully offered by Bradley ,hook line and sinker. It is puerile to have bought into a definition of victim that was so morally flawed.The people at Claudy,McGurks Bar, Dublin/Monaghan ,La Mon, Enniskillen, Omagh were victims. Jesus Christ was victimhood personified on the cross. Eames should hang his head in shame at his betrayal of those in the Church of Ireland who did not contribute to the evil perpetrated by terrorists. Republicans who voted for SInn Fein IRA endorsed the armed struggle in its entirety. Very few Unionists supported Loyaslist politicians. Any post 1970 civil rights matters were resolved and yet the IRA determined to drive Protestant people out of Ulster. They used a post 1600 narrative to present themselves as the native people of Ireland suffering under British oppression. Planters and Gaels at war. The narrative for Church of Ireland people goes back beyond Planter and Gael via St.Patrick to an Ulster which had no vestige of Celtic influence. We are all entitled to live here but those who were prepared to murder their neighbours or give political support to those prepared to do the killing should acknowledge their guilt and repent.
    Eames should retire to a quiet place where he can give serious thought to the dreadful damage he has done to real victims and their families. Harper should join him and spend time reflecting on the intellectual deficiencies in the stupid ststements he has made in recent days.

  • PACE Parent

    One can only hope that Robin Eames will reflect deeply on the damaging long lasting effect of his voluntary involvement in this debacle. It is telling that, apart from his sponsors, there is no notable support for his work product. A public mea culpa is the least that the Protestant community should expect from Lord Eames. However given Sir Kenneth Bloomfield’s earlier contribution to “Victims” this pathetic and flawed contribution of Robin Eames could hardly surprise.