PMQs live at Westminister…

In Northern Ireland questions. Jo Swinson saying that we need a Bill of Rights as part of GFA… Jeffrey Donaldson, says, no thank you… doesn’t mention the fact the Catholic church specifically was not keen on it either… Live on BBC Parliament


  • Big Maggie


    “doesn’t mention the fact the Catholic church specifically was not keen on it either”

    This may be ever so slightly off topic but mention of a Bill of Rights usually evokes “rights of the foetus” in RCC circles.

    I can’t help but link this story with one I picked up today by way of The Times. It concerns the possibility of human sperm being artificially created, thereby effectively making one half of the human race redundant :^)

    Given that it’s that half that’s normally busy going to war, murdering, raping, fiddling with minors, fighting and generally creating mayhem, Maggie got to thinking that the planet may well be better off without them.

    Just kidding. But my next thoughts were as follows.

    1. The artificial sperm could in theory be manufactured with the aid of stem cells harvested from foetuses.

    2. The Catholic Church is vehemently opposed to stem-cell research.

    3. Could the two be related?

    We all know that the Vatican has its own science department—no more Galileo cock-ups for them. Is it not inconceivable that the Vatican scientists might have had a word in Bennie’s ear, to the effect that it wouldn’t be so bright to back stem-cell research? For the reasons outlined.

    After all, where would the Catholic Church be without its menfolk?