Do you want extra Mayo with that?

(via Press Gazette)

  • eranu

    LOL! they’ll try anything to get people to move to the west!!

  • steve48

    vacancy for a proof reader then

  • Comrade Stalin

    Not as funny as the letter to the News Letter a while ago which was signed by “Peter File”.

  • The latest digital edition of the Mayo Advertiser carries the headline with all the words in the correct order. It could be that the mistake was only in the print edition, but it is at least equally likely that Press Gazette and indeed Slugger have both fallen victim to a Oirish photoshop hoax. Any Mayo-based posters out there should be able to tell us the truth fairly quickly.

  • dunuplikeakipper

    I think the joke’s on Slugger here…

  • wild turkey

    Well, its no joke when the Mayo labour market sucks

  • John O’Connell

    I don’t see that being printed in Mayo. They’re sharp as razers in the west, and something like this would either be a prank or the last gasp revenge of a bitter editor on his way to permanent retirement. Funny but…

  • While we wait for news from Mayo, it can be confirmed that Comrade Stalin’s above quote from the News Letter is not only correct but still available online. The following comment, allegedly in support of the MP for Strangford, was emailed to the paper’s website and then used in a printed report on June 9. 2008. “Peter File from Londonderry said; `I for one am sick of the homosexual agenda being thrust down our throats’…”

  • I blogged this first I believe (correct me if Im wrong) and received an email from the editor to say that its a photoshop hoax. I can confirm it is a HOAX.

  • dunreavynomore

    Saw this on earlier today and one poster had given “Sculptress Gives Head To Mayor’ as another fine example of a headline with unintended meaning

  • Eddie

    It could be a genuine cock-up!

  • Quagmire

    The west awake!!

  • Belfast Gonzo

    It is a nice Photoshop job, as opposed to a blow…

    Here’s another nice recent doctored pic, of the Obel Tower construction in the Belfast skyline.

  • Rory Carr

    “they’re sharp as razers in the west,” says John O’Connell, probably jealous because at least they know how to spell razors in Mayo.

    The journalistic boob that made my day yesterday was the presenter on Sky at the Michael Jackson Commemoration who told us that “..we are here at the Staples Center to celebrate his death”.

  • Mark McGregor

    Of course it’s a hoax, I thought that was obvious on the Press Gazette link but it is a funny one.

  • Well I’m going there anyway on the slight off-chance that it isn’t a hoax.

  • Pete whitcroft

    You obviously haven’t been to the Achill Head disco recently.

  • Darrell Monteith

    Probably the journalist was sent to an Irish language school and has ended up with a poor command of both irish and english. The real world live and works in english so he has to make the best of it.

    That’s the future for children sent to these ridiculous institutions

  • Tochais Si­orai­

    The institution you went to yourself, Darrell doesn’t appear to have done much better by the look of it.

  • CW

    It’s obviously a hoax as such a headline would be hard to swallow.

    ker-ching…and the boy gets a cigar!

  • another_pleb

    This is almost as bad news as when the Muff Diving Club of County Donegal ran into funding difficulties.