Ballymena Advice Centre Ltd makes a profit

Apparently the DUP’s Ian Paisley Jnr faces “financial ruin” over his legal bills.. But perhaps he can have a second career as a property developer? As David Gordon reports in the Belfast Telegraph, the company named as the owner of his Ballymena offices – Sarcon 250 the Ballymena Advice Centre Ltd – has made a profit [£3,857]! Which is odd. Given that Ian Paisley Jnr has previously stated, in relation to the £57,200 p.a. in public funds that he and Ian Paisley Snr claimed as rent

“There is no profit for Sarcon from the rental payments. It goes directly to the bank to furnish the mortgage.”

Adds Great quote elsewhere in the Belfast Telegraph

Ballymena Alderman Sam Hanna took over as sole director of Sarcon 250 in August last year. He is also listed as the landlord firm’s sole shareholder in newly-published official returns. Asked yesterday about the 2007/08 accounts published last week and their reference to a £3,857 profit, Mr Hanna said: “I haven’t a clue. I know flip all about it, but it’s a very poor thing that it won’t make a profit if you’re in business lines at all.” Stating that he left matters to accountants, Mr Hanna also said: “I know nothing about it, I’m only the landlord.”

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  • Zoon Poltikon

    As Jnr said the other day in the Assembly: he is being used as the Case Study for the new rules on ethical standards that prohibit political graft etc. The legal profession must guard against accusations of possible bias – conflicts of duty and interests; so this must extend to the political profession.

  • penfold

    Not wishing to make a defence for the Paisleys or any other politician, but perhaps with the drop in interest rates over the past while, the mortgage repayments have gone down and hence the agreed rent payment more than covers it.


  • frustrated democrat

    While I agree with IPJ’s position, his financial management has always been suspect. He should have thought of the cost before he employed a legal team and/or sought indemnity from the DUP on whose behalf he was working.

  • frustrated democrat

    RE the advice centre I thought the DUP were making a £25,000 contribution to the costs as it is used as a DUP office and meeting place as well as a public advice centre.

    Has this been reflected anywhere and have they made a repayment of expenses for previous years?

  • Seceder

    Having frequently observed the likes of IPJ knowingly tap their noses – in a “if you knew what I know” kinda way frequently – i have no sympathy for the suggested problems IPJ finds himself in.

    And I repeat – the probelms he finds himself in – they are all of his own making. Cynically I think he’s trying to be the martyr much like his father before him.

    There’s nothing proves your political Credentials like a few days in the Crum for the cause! And this is IPJ’s moment. Taking the moral high ground on a issue that he’s unwilling or possible unable to substaniate. All good theatre

    But he’ll soon learn – we’re not interested – we don’t believe one word our politicians say so put up or shut up . The best thing the courts could do is ignore him and slap him with all the costs

  • cynic

    Have you all lost your heart? This guy is having to sell his second home with beautiful views across to Rathlin for his beliefs. Give him some credit!

  • loki

    I’d love a landlord as laidback about money as Mr Hanna. God knows it’d make a change from eviction threats

  • Rory Carr

    “I know nothing about it, I’m only the landlord.”

    Isn’t that what Queen Victoria replied when asked about the famine in Ireland?

  • joeCanuck

    Funny as usual, Rory.

    Code word is “income”

  • Wise man from East

    This whole episode stinks – I wish the DUP would be honest with their business – they are supposed to be Christians