Oppose your ‘enemy’?

éirígí are gaining a reputation for protest and that alone has meant the IMC find them worthy of comment in recent reports. They always seem to have a slick youtube video like this one and poster to accompany their demos but we will need to wait until next Saturday to see how many support their call for protests at City Hall in opposition to ‘Armed Forces Day’.

  • Jimmy

    Cool Video

    this should be used as a recruitment video for Her Majestys Armed Forces.

  • Driftwood

    Shameful. No mention of the Royal Navy or Royal Air Force in the video. I was hoping for some images of a Type 42 Destroyer or an RAF Tornado in action.
    And poor old Frank Bunting didn’t get mentioned.
    Crap soundtrack as well. Freedom for Tooting!

    Are all the demonstrators meeting up in ‘The Spaniard’ afterwards? Should be plenty of room.

  • teh honest broker

    how do eirigi expect to take on and defeat one of the best trained armies in the world ????

    surely they aren’t that stupid are they ?????

  • Mark McGregor


    I can’t get along to provide photos, numbers and blog – son has demanded we become volunteer archaeologists at Castleward and then head to the Ulster semi in Clones.

  • Teh Doc

    Am i stupid or is this song about a medical procedure ????

    Do You Know Your Enema


  • Health and Safety Officer

    Its good to see Health and safety has reached the renowned British Army, did you spot the gunner in the copter manning the GPMG wearing safety goggles.

    I do hope eirigi wear safety goggles when preparing a fertiliser mix, and they dont forget to have someone on standby with a fire extingisher when they are throwing petrol bombs.

    PS make sure your insurance is up to date, and don’t forget public liability in case one of your rounds/bombs hits a civvie

    Safe terrorism erigi 🙂

  • blugger

    I posted

    1) notthing ILLEGAL
    2) Nothing OFFENSIVE
    3) Nothing Libelous

    I got no answer why my post was deleted, other than

    admin didn’t have the BALLS to give a reason for repeated deletions of my posts on a PUBLIC forum


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  • teh balancer

    admin hide behind post deletions and dont have the common courtesy to give an explanation

    well good luck to you

    im off to a forum where ALL views are accepted whether they be green or orange

    slugger is just a patsy

  • Darrell Monteith

    these bunch of idiots just don’t seem to be able to swallow the reality, the IRA were brought to their knees by the British Army, RUC Special branch, the resolute stance of ordinary unionist people and their own internal traitors who were many and varied.

    SF today help administer Northern Ireland as part of the British United kingdom, they have surrendered their weapons to a British appointed army general and whether they admit it or not they have accepted that their hopes of a united ireland will probably never now be realised.

  • Hugh Doherty

    Brought to their knees ? Allegedly there are plenty still around on what they call quote ‘standby’in NI and EIRE and even on the mainland where many went to live after the GFA.

  • Gréagoir O Frainclín

    I’ll say this again….

    Regarding the issue of using the army on the streets to keep “law and order,”…..but the army are currently on the streets of Iran now keeping “law and order,” by shooting dead civillians.

    This year is also the 20th anniversary of Tianamen Square massacre in China where Chinese troops shot dead civillians.

    Remember Bloody Sunday where British troops shot dead civillians.

    Ok, Eirigi want British Troops on NI streets again and by the looks of it so do certain Unionists too.

    But is this what NI folk really want to see in the UK today?

    BTW, Iran today….

    Tianamen Square….

  • Gréagoir O Frainclín

    Gas too, how no one has given a thought or mentioned the victims of the British Army, (some of whom are only children) that appear in the Eirigi propaganda video. Folk seem more entranced by the British Army’s firepower (or lack of it) that appears in the video. Folk seem to get off on it too.

    (I suppose they would accuse me of MOPERY now).

    But sure it’s kinda like the way the ‘republican’ hardhearted sorts ignore the victims of the IRA.

    Is it any wonder NI is such a hotbed of innate and mutual hatred.

  • ranger1640

    How are eirigi comrades going to get anyone to the City Hall by 1000hrs. That would mean the eirigi eejits in West Belfast will need to be out of bed at 0800hrs to get washed, breakfast and then dander down to the City Hall for 1000hrs? And the eirigi comrades who live outside Belfast will have to get up out of their comrade cots a lot earlier?

  • Reader

    Greagoir O Frainclin: Gas too, how no one has given a thought or mentioned the victims of the British Army, (some of whom are only children) that appear in the Eirigi propaganda video.
    But it’s not really part of the argument, is it? Éirígí doesn’t have any fundamental objection to organisations that kill civilians.
    The video was composed by éirígí to push éirígí’s psychological buttons. They needn’t be surprised that other people see it differently.
    That explains their other mis-hit at the end of the video – a cavalcade of scary faces, most of which have never been in the British Army. Éirígí think they are communicating, but really they aren’t.

  • Belfast Greyhound

    Has anyone noticed how Armed Forces day has morphed from something different?

  • Belfast Greyhound

    To complete my last, the origin of Armed Forces Day was actually Veterans’ Day.
    Originally it was to celebrate Veterans and had somewhat distant support from Government (they had the idea that it would look good for them but did not want to get too close to something that could associate it too closely with the unpopular wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ) so it was an arms length support.
    Besides if the Government made too much of the Veterans it might expose them to criticism of how the UK treats its Veterans compared to our Continental allies, and they might have to take the affairs of Veterans more seriously and fund things for them rather better.
    While public support for the wars remains almost entirely absent the sympathy for the Veterans who fight them is at an all time high. And remains so.
    To attempt to get some of that sympathy captured by the Government Veterans’ Day became Veterans and Armed Forces Day and now simply Armed Forces Day.
    I think that it is a good thing to celebrate the armed forces of the country as they are all volunteers who put aside some of their civil rights for the time of their service and are in a real sense twice the citizen as a result.
    That service should also be recognised when it is ended and my only degree of unhappiness with the day is the loss of the focus on the veteran.
    While the majority of veterans leave the services and are able to make their way back into civil society there are numbers who are damaged by their service and fall into bad circumstances.
    The Government pays lip service and not really much more than that to the plight of Veterans in need.
    Whilst in Service the damaged are supported in an excellent way and many who in previous times would have discharged because of their physical or emotional injuries are retained in service for as long as possible.
    When they leave their position is already secured to a large degree because advance notice of their problems has been flagged up.
    What is not generally known is that for the serviceman/woman who leaves after a successful career and begins to unravel in Civvy Street there is on average a 13 year gap between their leaving and making an approach to a service charity for help.
    There are no votes in Veterans so by and large they get ignored.
    Strangely the situation in Scotland under the SNP Government is just a bit different with that Government actually making a better fist of recognising and then helping Veterans than is the case in the rest of the UK.
    What is really vexing about the change in emphasis is that it allows the Government to feel it can tap into the sympathy the public has for Service personnel, the ‘Our Boys’ attitude, and avoids recognising and dealing with the problems that veterans experience.
    On Saturday I attended an event, curiously arranged and run by an SNP Council where Veterans and Serving members of the Armed Forces had a march and parade and a public celebration of their service.
    There were no drunks or drunkenness though there was alcohol available and no crowds of football topped adults and youths loudly expressing themselves in the colourful language of the streets.
    Just people of all ages enjoying themselves and celebrating the armed services.
    It was a grown-up event and I have no doubt that there were many people who did not share the same enthusiasm for the day as those who attended, but their grown up attitude of disagreement was expressed simply by them staying away and not going near it.
    I look forward to the days when in Northern Ireland similar grown-up attitudes are the norm to events where there is not total agreement about them.
    Sadly éirígí simply represents ignorance and the unchanging notions that demand we must take offence at everything and find ways to drive Northern Ireland back into the trees of the forest of intolerance.
    God knows Scotland is not perfect, religious and racial intolerance still exists more widely than would be generally acknowledged, but there are parts of the UK where the attitudes are much more grown-up than in Northern Ireland.

  • Smug O’ Toole

    Eirigi should just leave the British alone as they celebrate “Copy our Yankee overlords day”. Isn’t the font style on the official posters first used on the “Terminator 2” posters? That’ll yankee-doodle do.

    United Kingdom, F*ck yeah!
    Can kiss America’s as$ and suck on it’s balls!
    United Kingdom, F*ck yeah!
    What you going to do when they come for you now.

  • Marcus

    I remember when Eirigi were first becoming prominent in the protests and was honestly quite impressed with their organisation and ability to bring attention on themselves.

    However the recent protest they took part in during the Gaza crisis in which they abused young student shop assistants in castle court I lost all respect for them.

  • Babeuf

    Eirigi suffer from the same flaws Sinn Fein does:

    1. Control freakery (like father, like son?)
    2. Ideological weakness and confusion (What is ‘Connolly Socialism’ and where did it suddenly fall from?)

    I find it hard to find their real issue with Sinn Fein based on the above two points and their past behaviour (hanging Colin Duffy out to dry…). They appear to be little more than Ogra for the slightly older, but should know better – unfortunately I might add!

  • Brian MacAodh

    what about aa video showing allied forces building schools, feeding starving germans after WW II, liberating concentration camps…

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Gragoir O Fraincln: “Regarding the issue of using the army on the streets to keep “law and order,”…..but the army are currently on the streets of Iran now keeping “law and order,” by shooting dead civillians.”

    That’s just silly, Gragoir… shooting dead civilians is a waste of bullets. What the Revolutionary Guard is shooting civilians dead — hardly the same thing.

    Gragoir O Fraincln: “Gas too, how no one has given a thought or mentioned the victims of the British Army, (some of whom are only children) that appear in the Eirigi propaganda video. Folk seem more entranced by the British Army’s firepower (or lack of it) that appears in the video. Folk seem to get off on it too.

    (I suppose they would accuse me of MOPERY now).”

    Nah… the fact that you recognize it is probably enough for all but the most rabid out there.

    That said, it takes at least two sides to have a conflict, and, given history, I daresay that PIRA realized that armed conflict was something of a contact sport. Their infatuation for what we now rather antiseptically refer to as “improvised explosive devices” pretty much means that the Troubles were a “pick your bastard” conflict, with few, if any, “good guys.” So I shan’t accuse you of anything more serious than wall-eyed hypocrisy.