If it’s not an argument you can stick flag on, our politicians don’t know what to do with it…

Cracking piece from Newt last night on Hearts and Minds… On the siting of the Belfast incinerator which decision was put on ice last week when it was discovered the vote of Cllr Frank McCoubrey was counted when he wasn’t even there… Thus converting a a rejection into draw (Phew!). The replay is Monday, only Newton’s not hopeful of a full house of councillors, some of whom seem fearful of making a decision that will actually have impact consequences in an upcoming election where there will be both fewer seats and fewer councils… Meanwhile we can expect the current Minister for the Environment (despite an apparent conflict of interest to vote enthusiastically for it)… [If he is still Minister of the Environment – ed]

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  • aquifer

    Our political ‘on the runs’ are still skipping away from the decisions they are paid to take.

    When will the media nail these chancers?

    Or does executive power sharing mean sub-zero accountability for ever?

  • Trombone

    I know all politics is local, but there aren’t even any locals on the North Foreshore!

    Surely they’re not seriously going to chuck away a splurge of cash because a few people think we can wish away all the muck of modern life?

    What do they need? A £100K, in-depth survey of ratepayers to come out in favour of it? Oh, that’s right, they already have that….

  • Whiskers

    So, let me get this right, everyone needs this, most people want it, but our terrified councillors are scared to give it to us for fear Mrs Crazy adds it to her hate list of the evils of modern life, along with MMR, microwaves and decimalisation…aint democracy great…

  • Sunningdale1973

    Its a good piece by Newton, but lets face it, we get the politicians we deserve. If this post had been on sectarianism, Ulster Scots, rioting or other touch stone issues there would be a dozen or more comments on this by now each blaming ‘them uns’ for whatever slight had been given.

    But as it is about a non-sectarian issue it also appears that it has sirred little comment on Slugger. Does this also reflect on the default interaction that the public have with our politicians or just the poor quality of rational debate recently on this site?

    To be fair the problem of having any serious discussion without someone either throwing the troubles/border/sectarianism into the mix is one which we are going to have to face up to.

  • cynic

    The problem is it involves a decision and they are worried that they are open to the allegation that other councils are solving their problem by burning rubbish in Belfast. Some of them are so parochial they would prefer 26 incinerators – one per council.

    The other problem is that – and I will put this gently – while we have some really good councillors some are, how shall I say, not too bright. They come from the Johnny MacQuade school of politics (on both sides of the community) for whom ‘incinerator’ is a very long word.

  • John McIlveen

    Is it not just the case that there are also very good arguments against EFW (incinerator)?

    I mean the 1st vote WAS a draw and this monday’s vote i’m sure will be close either way – that just shows there’s strength in both positions (for and against). Too many people in this debate have been too quick to label ALL on the council when things are a bit more complicated than that.

    For me the original decision (give up the land for the purposes of an MBT – Mechanical Biological Treatment – facility) was in fact a decent result given big opposition within the council towards incineration.