Investigate your MPs expenses…

Courtesy of the Guardian… But the real deal is likely to come from the Telegraph (expect some interesting local aftershocks…) Pete’s already mulling over some the Guardian stuff, but may wait until the Bel Tel have begun with their first ruminations… Most embarrassing revealation of the day so far: George Osborne claimed £47 for a DVD of one of his own speeches... Please feel free to have a go, and let us know what juicy morsels you find… That Guardian site is here…

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  • oneill

    McDonnell charged 20 pence for staples and 22 pence for pencils.

    No real complaints, just curious where he does his stationery shopping

  • Driftwood

    Good to see Willie McCrea using ‘Shake’n’Vac’ on his carpet. Gets the freshness back.

  • 6countyprod

    Rummaging around in other people’s garbage. Some folks seem to have nothing better to do.

  • joeCanuck

    Rummaging around in other people’s garbage.

    Perfectly acceptable when you are paying for what’s in there.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Ozzie does do pompous pretty well so buying the DVDs of himself would fit well with that.

    But do largely agree with 6countyprod, nothing much more than unsavoury tittle tattle. Anything substantial and the ToryGrpah would have grabbed it by now.

    I can imagine Pete going through the SF stuff now swearing to himself – “the feckers, the feckers there must be some dirt I can put on Slugger”

  • Little Adams
  • T.Ruth

    Totals for Offices+Staff+Second home for our 18MPs Approx.
    Mccrea 137,000
    Murphy 137.000
    McDonnell 133.000
    Adams 132.000
    Gildernew 132.000
    McGuinness 130.000
    Donaldson 129.000
    Doherty 129.000
    Paisley 129.000
    Durkan 127.000
    Dodds 125.000
    Simpson 125.000
    Hermon 121.000
    McGrady 120.000
    Wilson 119.000
    Robinson I. 116.000
    Robinson P. 106.000
    Sinn Fein have their four in the top 6
    DUP have the bottom three places.
    My figures are approximations from a hurried comb through the 600+ list and a rough calculation on these three expenses. The SF’s have predictably bled the state. Given the flak various people have been receiving the bottom three may be a surprise.Our local MP’s are it seems not exceptional in comparison with many on the mainland/over there/Britain/the rest of the UK.

  • 6countyprod

    Just watched Martina on BBC. She specifically targeted Iris and Noel T had to pull her up on a false impression that she was leaving. Sounded real catty. Don’t think she likes Iris.

  • eranu

    absolutely slap it up them all for every embarrassing thing they try to claim for. their greed and vanity should be rubbed in their faces. they are public servants, not kings.

  • SM

    Why did McDonnell claim for his TV License? Hardly required for parliamentary duties…

  • SM

    Gordon Brown claims for Sky+, ironing, laundry! Sorry what have any of these got to do with being solely incurred due to being an MP? Pay for it yourself and stop wasting my taxes.

  • SM

    And in most receipt but not in one they have redacted the bit that tells you its Sky+ – trying to hide it! Plus he pays a lot for his gardening. Also some of his Constituency office bills are being put through his ACA instead of his office allowance.

  • brian miller

    the laughter of r children he heeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • SM

    Slyvia Hermon obviously isn’t very organised – a lot of her claims have things like “I can’t remember if I claimed this already” written on it. Plus the overdue letters from the utility bills. Doesn’t really inspire confidence does it?

    This whole redacting things is a joke though – they remove everything except name + amount, and often block the description of claims for “other”. Not impressed.

  • iluvni

    £1200 claimed by Dr Paisley for 2 months food!
    Must be his age and he forgot that he could only trough £400 per month

  • Different Drummer

    Sammy Wilson Puts The Fada back into Focelene

    I see that Sammy is greener than people think he is – he has claimed for a special Irish language friendly keyboard for his office computer. What was that you were saying about the
    Irish language act Sammy?

  • Silverline

    I thought hermon said she did not claim for food, I looked at her expences and there is food claimed for although not very much, she also seems to have spent hundreds of pounds on art.

  • I have so many choice examples that I just don’t know where to start.

    The scandal is so pervasive that it has not only brought Parliament but also politics into complete disrepute. I, like I imagine most people, cannot now give either of them serious thought, given the nature of the corruption – a most terrible condition for any polity.

    No member of it has any excuse for what has happened, even it they did not take part in the process. They surely knew about the gross fraud, and should have spoken out about it long ago instead of just winking about it as if they were somehow better for not partaking in it.

    The only restorative for the whole scandal is for Parliament to be immediately dissolved, letting the chips fall where they may with sitting Members, and the new one committed to vast reformation of the royal state, starting with that excresence – the House of Lords.

  • SM


    Stop trying to conflate the expense scandal with unrelated (non)issues.

    The House of Lords has been our only bulwark against this bonkers government for many years. An elected upper house would be a disaster – leave well alone. Just because something sounds “democratic” doesn’t mean it would make things better!

  • cynic

    Whats interesting is that many of our MPs are so security conscious that what they have bought is blanked out as well as the supplier ie we arent even allowed to know what they spent the cash on – until tomorrow when the Daily Telegraph publishes it all!!

    Wont it then be interesting to compare and contrast the two versions

  • I don’t think I am conflating the problems with the Lords, SM.

    As I recall, any Lord can get a good day’s pay by just showing up for its daily sessions, no matter if he just sleeps them away after having had a nice lunch – a wonderful pension for both those who allegedly have inherited wealth or have so made it in the real world.

    The Lords have been an historical anachronism ever since former Lord Chancellor Brougham helped keep it going during the age of equipoise just to get back at the Whigs for sacking him – what the British historical establishment considers a matter of no concern.

  • SM

    Fine examine their allowances I’ve no probs with that, but bear in mind that it is a totally different chamber – most peers turn up to add their expertise to debates in their field and so are paid only when they are there so, so some system other than a wage is needed. And while they may be an anachronism the fact remains they are one of the healthiest parts of our system – they still take time to scrutinise things and do so rigorously, whereas modern MPs are often busy dealing with getting re-elected or climbing the party/government ladder.

    So far no-one has proposed reforms which will not destroy great strengths of the Lords – perhaps because all those proposing the reforms hope to be in government and don’t actually like robust scrutiny.

    The existence of the Lords may be an anachronism and an ideological mess but it works pretty well. I like evidence (it working) so I say screw political theories of how its awful to have the Lords and keep the system as it is.

  • DavidD

    This is beyond satire. It has long been evident that the political class regards the rest of us as moral lepers, hence the need to limit political choices to those acceptable to the ruling metropolitan cartel. We cannot be trusted to vote on the Lisbon Treaty, our movements must be tracked by CCTV, our emails must be available to ‘security’ snoopers.

    It now seems that they also regard us as intellectual cretins who can be fobbed off – in the name of freedom of information of all things – with documents that look like the post-censorship results of a letter from Tommy Atkins written to his old mum from ‘somewhere in France’ circa 1916. It would be almost comforting to believe that they are simply being obtuse and genuinely think they have fulfilled their obligation. I fear that the truth is they just don’t care what we think.

    Given that all the parties are tarred with the same brush the only thing electors can do is to refuse to vote at all because by casting a vote they lend legitimacy to the system which this corrupt rabble operate.

  • I am glad, SM, that you are so pleased with the composition, costs, and performance of the House of Lords but I am still not.

    The House consists of around 738 Lords, and they get paid, on average, £168,000, totalling about £121,500,000. Since about only 20% of the total membership regularly contritutes to its proceedings, that means, on average, that they roughly get paid £740,000 a year.

    If these figures don’t justify radical reform, I’m a monkey’s uncle.

    Little wonder that the Commoners are charging whatever they can to expenses.

  • I am glad, SM, that you are so pleased with the composition, costs, and performance of the House of Lords but I am still not.

    The House consists of around 738 Lords, and they get paid, on average, £168,000, totalling about £121,500,000. Since about only 20% of the total membership regularly contritutes to its proceedings, that means, on average, that they roughly get paid £740,000 a year.

    If these figures don’t justify radical reform, I’m a monkey’s uncle.

    Little wonder that the Commoners are charging whatever they can to expenses.

  • SM


    Your figures are absolute rubbish go work them out properly.

  • Figures absolute rubbish, SM?

    Here is where I got my figures from – an answer to a parliamentary question in the Lords about the costs, one intended to clear up more alarming figures about what their Lordships officially receive:

    You should stop relying upon the tittle-tattle of parliamentary hacks like Mike White who are only giving snippets of the problem – what leaves out the even more alarming amounts their lordships receive: private fees for finding out what official action is intended which effect the performance of their corporate clients, help affect it not becoming law, etc.

    The British royal state is the most corrupt one in the developed world.

  • Now I see that one of their own, His Lordship Andrew Phillips, has lifted the lid on the Lords incredible expense system:

    Though note that he makes no mention of the per capita costs or the overall expense as he is one of the busiet Life Peers who makes incredible sums by engaging in its most lucrative business:

    No wonder SM has gone missing.