“I call on the IFA to reconsider their partitionist and negative position..”

Apparently it’s not just the Irish public who are unpatriotic, it’s the Irish government too. Of course the criticism, by the Irish Farmers’ Association, of the Department of Defence’s awarding of a €350,000 contract to a non Bord Bia Assured chicken processing company outside the Republic [Crossgar Poultry] hasn’t gone unnoticed.. From Sinn Féin MLA Willie Clarke

“At this time of economic hardship we need a greater degree of support and harmonisation across Ireland in order to assist our indigenous business. I am surprised and baffled why the IFA would seek to begrudge a fellow Irish company this contract. I call on the IFA to reconsider their partitionist and negative position and work to assist our agricultural sector right across the country.”

From the Crossgar Foodservice website

Established in 1959 by Gerald Bell, Crossgar Poultry is committed to providing an extensive range of quality, locally produced products. Our experienced team have worked hard over the years to build the Crossgar brand and retain our position as the leading poultry supplier to the Foodservice market.

Our customers benefit from our continual support of local produce. The adage “We are what we eat” may also be applied to chicken. Our customers want a product which is fresh, safe, succulent and nutritious. We endeavour to supply such a product by having contracted growers to rear slow growing chickens in purpose built reduced density houses using carefully chosen non GM feed.

Our factory in Crossgar is accredited to the British Retail Consortium Standard (BRC). This is a nationally recognised accreditation used by all major suppliers and ensures that the HACCP, quality management, factory environment standards and production process controls are adhered to.

If only we were more Enlightened..

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  • Ulsters my homeland

    Read that this morning. LOL

    Northern Ireland chicken is cheaper, that’s why the government feed the Irish troops with it,…. but that doesn’t mean the Irish citizens can scoot over the border to buy cheap chicken now. remember you’re Irish patriotism LOL

  • Cock A Doodle Doo

    Why did the British Chicken cross the border?

    Because he was so cost-effective and soooo tasty!

  • borderline

    The Irish Football Association and the Irish Farmers Association.

    More in common than their initials.

  • Erasmus

    Disappointing. I was looking forward to a thread on an all-Ireland soccer team.

  • Dave

    We in Ireland need to remove the lingering political deceit that allows the Shinners to promote the economy of the United Kingdom at the direct expense of the economy of Ireland by making sure the public fully understand the difference between Ireland and the island of Ireland.

    The Shinners formally consolidated partition into two separate states when they signed the GFA. Now they pretend to the muppets that they oppose that which they majorly consolidated and promote the receipts of Her Majesty’s Chancellor of the Exchequer by pretending to said muppets that the British economy is the same thing as the Irish economy.

    The first step of that political clarity process should be the abandonment of the cross-border bodies which grant Her Majesty’s government sovereignty over specific trade institutions of the Irish state.

  • Driftwood


    Sigh, so we’ve reached the stage where chickens can be designated as Irish or British.

    Personally I only eat chickens sourced in a certain part of Oxfordshire.

  • RepublicanStones

    Why is that Drtift…are they a bit more brainy. Wouldn’t have put you down as an offal type of guy !

  • Driftwood

    The chickens of Crossgar are as British as Rockall.

  • kmac

    Rockall is as irish as a crossgar chicken! clucky ar la…

  • IJP


    I realised it wasn’t that when I saw only 9 comments!