“I call on the IFA to reconsider their partitionist and negative position..”

Apparently it’s not just the Irish public who are unpatriotic, it’s the Irish government too. Of course the criticism, by the Irish Farmers’ Association, of the Department of Defence’s awarding of a €350,000 contract to a non Bord Bia Assured chicken processing company outside the Republic [Crossgar Poultry] hasn’t gone unnoticed.. From Sinn Féin MLA Willie Clarke

“At this time of economic hardship we need a greater degree of support and harmonisation across Ireland in order to assist our indigenous business. I am surprised and baffled why the IFA would seek to begrudge a fellow Irish company this contract. I call on the IFA to reconsider their partitionist and negative position and work to assist our agricultural sector right across the country.”

From the Crossgar Foodservice website

Established in 1959 by Gerald Bell, Crossgar Poultry is committed to providing an extensive range of quality, locally produced products. Our experienced team have worked hard over the years to build the Crossgar brand and retain our position as the leading poultry supplier to the Foodservice market.

Our customers benefit from our continual support of local produce. The adage “We are what we eat” may also be applied to chicken. Our customers want a product which is fresh, safe, succulent and nutritious. We endeavour to supply such a product by having contracted growers to rear slow growing chickens in purpose built reduced density houses using carefully chosen non GM feed.

Our factory in Crossgar is accredited to the British Retail Consortium Standard (BRC). This is a nationally recognised accreditation used by all major suppliers and ensures that the HACCP, quality management, factory environment standards and production process controls are adhered to.

If only we were more Enlightened..